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7 Easy Ways To Celebrate National Pet Day

National Pet Day is celebrated on April 11, and we're celebrating with some fun facts about our furry friends. According to the A.S.P.C.A., about 70% of American households have pets. More than half of all American adults say they consider their pets to be family members. More than 85 million cats and dogs are estimated to live in U.S. homes today!

Pets have always been a part of our families. Now they are more than ever before as we have become more conscious about animal welfare issues and have many options for helping homeless animals find loving homes.

In this article, we've rounded up seven fun ways to celebrate your pet or show love to someone else's puppy, cat, or furry friend.

History of National Pet Day

Every year on April 11 in the U.S.U.S., people celebrate National Pet Day. On this day devoted to pets, people take time out of their busy schedules to give their furry friends more affection, care, and attention.

National Pet Day was established in 2006 by well-known animal campaigner and lifestyle consultant Colleen Paige. This specific day was created to increase understanding of the suffering that animals endure in sanctuaries all over the globe. She wished to emphasize the importance of shelters and houses for domesticated creatures. Colleen suggested contacting adoption groups that assist dogs and cats in various circumstances rather than going to a breeder. The slogan of the season is "Don't shop, adopt!"

Best Ways To Celebrate National Pet Day

Have A Party

Nothing says "Happy National Pet Day," like hosting a party for all the pets in your life. Whether you're planning an indoor or outdoor gathering, make sure you have plenty of snacks and cold drinks available for your furry companion. This is also an excellent opportunity to get out the camera and take pictures of all your guests together!

Get Your Pet Microchipped

Microchipping is one of the most important things you can do for your pet in case they ever get lost — whether on the streets of New York City or in the wilderness of Colorado (where I live).

There are two types of chips — one that lasts 10 years and another that lasts forever! It only takes seconds for a veterinarian to insert it under the skin between their shoulder blades with a unique tool called an implanter gun. You should also consider getting one if you're going on vacation so that if anything happens while you're away (or just at home), animal control will have an easier time finding your pet and returning it to you.

Take Them For A Walk

Dogs need daily exercise, and cats are no different. Take them out for a walk around the block or the neighborhood in the morning or evening. If you don't have time to take them out, try playing fetch with an old sock in your living room.

Spoil Them With Treats And Toys

Cats and dogs love treats and toys! If your pet has a birthday coming up, consider buying them new toys and treats!

Visit The Vet For Regular Checkups And Shots

Taking care of your pet means ensuring they get regular checkups and shots from the veterinarian. Regular checkups will allow the vet to check for any problems early on so that they can be treated before they become a bigger problem down the line.

Get Crafty

Why not make it a D.I.Y. project and make something special for your pet? Ensure it has their name or an image of them so they know how much you love them! You can even make something for other people's pets if they don't have enough treats to share with everyone!

Take Some Photos of Your Pets Together

This can be so much fun and provide some great memories for years to come. If you're feeling creative, try capturing the perfect photo of your pet with hats or glasses!


Taking care of your pet is a responsibility we all take very seriously. It's also a bond that will always be intact. To find out what your furry pal wants this year, and give it to them with a smile. There's nothing more fulfilling than celebrating the lives of those you care about, and pets are no different.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

National Pet Day is a holiday celebrated annually on April 11th to recognize and appreciate the love and companionship that pets bring into our lives.

No, there's no national holiday. However, many pet lovers and owners celebrate this day with full enthusiasm.

Yes, spread awareness about National Pet Day by sharing posts on social media using the hashtag #NationalPetDay. Some also organize local events or fundraisers to support animal shelters and rescue organizations.

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