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Great Ideas to Celebrate National Dog Day with Your Dog

Since 2004, the international or national dog day is celebrated on August 26. Undoubtedly, the loyalty, love, and dedication of this four-legged bestie deserve a day for appreciation. In my opinion, a dog owner must make the most of this day by celebrating it with their pet.

There are several ways through which you can make your furry friend feel special. This year, I have prepared a list of things to do on National Dog Day. To help every dog lover in doing the same, I have shared my list in the article below.

Things to Do On the National Dog Day

A dog brings trust, friendship, happiness, joy, and security to our lives. Jack, my German shepherd is one such blessing. For this reason, my list of plans for international dog day is listed below.

Go to the Dog Park

If you have been living in America as a dog owner, dog parks may be your favorite weekend location. These are particularly made to let a pet enjoy to the fullest.  From crazy swimming pools to tennis ball throwing trees, everything activity can be found in a dog park. Visit the best park with your pet and celebrate their day.

Stay at a Dog-Friendly Hotel

Several hotels love to celebrate national dog day with pet owners. As a result, they plan to go an extra mile for making dogs happier. You can take your pup to such a hotel for making him feel special.  Jack is fond of the doggie meal and all other dog accessories gifted by such hotels. Browse a list of the best dog-friendly hotels and have fun!

Order Your Dog's Favorite Chews

Many online stores like or Barkbox Offer the best dog food on the market. If your pet is fond of these stores too, place your order now. In case your dog loves any other store, grab their National dog day deal for your canine.  Browse the entire store for different chews and stock them for your four-legged buddy.

Hit the Drive-In Theater

Outdoor theaters have become a trend after the COVID-19 crisis. People invented different ways to experience socially distanced entertainment. You can make the most of this spot and have fun with your dog. Load your car with dog food, chews, toys, and accessories for a movie night. Partner up with your canine and visit a dog-friendly restaurant on return.

Enjoy at the Dog Beach

What is your definition of a dog beach? To me, any beach where Jack can relax his paws and wag his tail with fun is the right place. Let your pet enjoy the breeze and play with his shadow under the sun. Try different activities and play interesting water games with your canine. Also, you can prepare a dog meal and party with your four-legged friend throughout the day.

What’s more?

There are a lot more fun activities that you can try on this day. From buying your pet a partner to gifting them a new house, do everything that you like! Most of the dog owners in my circle have shared their ideas for a better approach. I am sharing these below to take the excitement to a higher level.

  • Plan an adventure trip with your pup
  • Buy your dog their favorite beverages
  • Order customized dog clothing for your pet
  • Throw a dog party and invite all other pet owners in your circle
  • Teach your dog a new trick

Final Thoughts

National Dog Day is just an excuse to make your dog loved. No matter the day and date, every pet deserves to be loved and adored. You are not bound to enjoy these activities on a particular day.

Let your furry friend feel special every day! Consider your dogs as an important part of the family. Give them the attention they deserve and spoil them with love. Happy Dog Day to you and your pet from me and Jack!

Beth Norris

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