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Quick Weave Hairstyles for Beginners: Easy & Simple Styles to Try

Easy and quick styles are perfect for busy women. If you have little time to spend on your hair, small timeless hairstyles with few steps to apply can be the right choice. Quick weave hairstyles, specifically braids and afro puffs, are trendy, cute, convenient, and easy to create. Whether you want a new look or to refresh your current style, it is unsurprising that weaving styles are trendy in recent years.

If you want to try quick weave hairstyles but are unsure where to start, read on. We've covered you, from quick styles for beginners to the most luxurious man buns.

What Is A Quick Weave?

A quick weave is any hairstyle that involves putting pre-made extensions onto your hair using adhesive tabs. There are many different kinds of hair extensions—the main difference between them is how they attach and how long they're meant to last.

Quick weaves are one of the most popular methods because they're so versatile; they instantly boost volume and length. Whether it's your first time trying extensions or your tenth, following the instructions below will show you how to do a quick weave and prepare for fun new looks!

Simple Quick Weave Styles for Beginners

Here are a lot of amazing hairstyles that we can do in minutes, as they don't require any styling products or tools. They're easy and straightforward, yet they still look great.

Here are some ideas to try the next time you want to make a quick weave hairstyle:

Asymmetrical cuts

You can create an edgy or playful look with just a little hair weave. If you want to leave your hair out of the equation, consider cutting your bangs into your natural hairline. Just use a straight-edge razor or sharp pair of scissors to cut straight across from the top of your forehead in the front all the way down to your jawline. You may want to get help cutting bangs if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself.

Basic bob

You only need a hair tie and a few minutes to achieve a chic and stylish bob with your weave. Simply gather the hair on one side at the back of your head and tie it in a ponytail. Then, use bobby pins to secure the ponytail over the part where your real hair ends. You can wear this style to work or out on the town with friends.

Vintage pixie cut

This style will give you vintage vibes and an easy weave hairstyle! Simply gather all the hair on top of your head at one side, then pin it with bobby pins until it's flat against your head. This creates an edgy look and is perfect for anyone who likes things short and straightforward.

Curly styles

If you've got naturally curly hair, there are many options for how to wear it. Your best option is definitely going to be wearing it down because curls tend to soften up when they're loose and not pulled back or up in any way.

Advanced Quick Weave Styles to Try

Sew-in Hairstyles:

These are great for long weaves. Hair extensions can be styled in a bun or ponytail using bobby pins or put into an updo using hair clips. An updo is an excellent choice for formal events. It's also relatively simple to create this style at home by yourself!

Updos And Ponytails

Long weaves are ideal for updos, which can range from loose to tight, depending on the hair used in the style. Ponytails are also great for long weaves because they won't mess up the back of your head like other styles may do.

How to Remove Your Quick Weave?

  • A quick weave is just like any other, except it can be removed in less than a day. When taking your quick weave out, you should follow these steps to help ease the process and prevent hair damage.
  • Ask your stylist to use hair clips instead of metal combs during installation. They're gentler on your hair and won't cause damage during removal.
  • Wash your hair thoroughly before removing your weave. This will loosen the adhesive and make it easier for you to remove.
  • Condition your hair after washing it. This will soften the texture of your real hair and make it easier to comb out gently tangled parts of the weft later on.
  • Use an oil or conditioner to lubricate the top strands that meet the tape on both sides of your head to make removal easier.
  • Ask someone else to help you remove the tapes holding down your weave so you don't tug too hard.

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So the next time you ask your stylist for a weave, tell them what you're looking for, and they'll know how to do their job. These are not just words, follow these instructions, and even if it's your first time, you’ll get the style you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If your hair has been damaged from processing or over-styling, you may want to try wearing a weave.

If you plan on wearing them for a few days or maybe weeks at a time, then yes! These styles will last as long as possible without redoing them every day or two.

No, it's easy. You can do it in a few different ways, but the easiest way is just to divide your hair into 4 sections and start braiding. The trick is to make sure each braid isn't too loose, so you don't end up with a big bump on top of your head!

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