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How to Style Curtain Bangs: A Complete Guide

Curtain bangs are one of the most popular hairstyles that every women should try. They offer a versatile look that complements many different hair types and face shapes. If you’re considering styling curtain bangs, there are several things you need to know.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a complete guide on how to style curtain bangs.

How to Style Curtain Bangs: 7 Tips

Start with Clean Hair

Before you style your curtain bangs, it’s important to start with clean hair. Use a gentle routine shampoo and conditioner to ensure your hair is free from any buildup or excess oil that could make styling more difficult. Once you’ve washed and conditioned your hair, allow it to air dry or use a hairdryer on a low heat setting.

Section Your Hair

To section your hair for curtain bangs, start by creating a horizontal part from ear to ear, separating your bangs from the rest of your hair. Use a comb to create a clean and precise part, and clip the rest of your hair back so that it’s out of the way. This will make it easier to cut and style your curtain bangs without accidentally cutting or interfering with the rest of your hair. Once your bangs are styled, you can unclip the rest of your hair and continue with your regular hair care routine.

Choose Your Bang Length

One of the great things about curtain bangs is that they can be customized to suit your face shape and personal style. Consider the length of your bangs carefully before cutting them. If you’re unsure, start with longer bangs and trim them gradually until you achieve your desired length.

Trim Your Bangs

Once you’ve decided on the length of your bangs, it’s time to trim them. To achieve the signature curtain effect, you’ll need to cut your bangs in a V-shape. Hold your scissors at a slight angle and cut your bangs so that they’re longer in the center and shorter at the sides.

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Add Texture

To make your curtain bangs look fuller and more textured, use a texturizing spray or a volumizing mousse. Apply the product to your bangs and use your fingers to scrunch your hair upwards, creating a messy, tousled look.

Style Your Bangs

Now that your curtain bangs are cut and textured, it’s time to style them. One of the easiest ways to style curtain bangs is to part them down the center and tuck them behind your ears. You can also use a round brush to blow-dry your bangs, creating volume and bounce.

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Maintain Your Bangs


To keep your curtain bangs looking their best, it’s important to maintain them. Trim your bangs every four to six weeks to prevent them from becoming too long or unruly. Use a dry shampoo to absorb excess oil and keep your bangs looking fresh.


In conclusion, styling curtain bangs is a simple process that requires a bit of time and effort. With the right tools and techniques, you can make a versatile haircut trends that goes with your face shape and personal style. Follow these tips to achieve the perfect curtain bangs and keep them looking great for weeks to come.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, curtain bangs can be customized to suit any face shape. Longer bangs can help elongate a round face, while shorter bangs can balance out a long face.

To keep your curtain bangs looking their best, trim them every four to six weeks. This will prevent them from becoming too long or unruly.

Yes, you can style your curtain bangs without blow-drying them. Simply apply a texturizing spray or volumizing mousse and use your fingers to create a tousled, messy look.

It’s best to use hair cutting scissors that are specifically designed for cutting hair. Avoid using regular scissors or kitchen shears, as they can damage your hair and create an uneven cut.

Yes, curtain bangs can work with all hair types, from straight to curly. However, it’s important to consider the thickness and texture of your hair when deciding on the length and style of your bangs.

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