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Tips & Tricks For Maintaining Your Neck Beard

With the arrival of Spring comes longer days, warmer weather, and — for some — shedding your neck beard. While you may be able to go without shaving during the Winter months, come warm weather your neck beard begins to grow into a tangled mess.

Shame it only grows on your neck. But that doesn't mean you can't do awesome things with your neck beard. 

It doesn't matter how bushy you want your beard to grow or how much time you're willing to wait between shaves, but you should strive to get into the habit of trimming your beard neckline regularly.

How to Maintain Your Neck Beard

So here are a few tips on how to maintain your neck beard because if you're reading this, you don't have a full-on beard yet- and even if you do, here's how to make sure it looks good.

Trimming Your Beard Neckline

You should define your neckline before fading your beard. This keeps a neck beard at bay while also demonstrating that you're serious about beard upkeep. The neckline is relatively simple: Place two fingers on top of your Adam's apple.


Consider a U-shape that links to the back of each ear and comes together in the middle at the base of the U. Shave everything below this line using a razor or your beard trimmer's bare guard. And there you have it!

Maintain a Neat and Well-Groomed Neck Beard - Tips and Tricks

Your neck beard is the perfect place to start experimenting with different styles. It's not as risky as trying something new on your face, and you can always go back to your normal look if one style doesn't work out.

That said, it's important to maintain a neat and well-groomed neck beard at all times. Even if you're growing a neck beard for fun and just getting into manscaping, there are some tips and tricks that will help keep it looking good until the day you decide to shave it off.

Use a Good Quality Trimmer

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One of the first things you should do when growing your neck beard is invested in a good quality trimmer. It doesn't have to be expensive; in fact, most guys end up buying multiple trimmers before finding one that works for them! But make sure that whatever trimmer you use has adjustable settings so you can customize how much hair it cuts at once.

Decide On The Length You Want And Trim Accordingly

Once you have decided on the length of your neck beard, then all you have to do is trim it according to your desired length using an electric trimmer. If you want to grow out your neck beard, then make sure you take small steps at a time so that there are no sudden changes in length between one week and another week.

Use Beard Oil or Balm

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Once your neck beard has been trimmed down, apply some beard oil or balm to keep it looking healthy and shiny. These products contain essential oils that soften coarse hair and help prevent dryness in your skin underneath the growth area by slowing down the evaporation of sweat from your pores. In addition, they contain moisturizing ingredients like jojoba oil, which helps prevent dandruff and other unwanted side effects associated with growing out your neck beard.

Comb More than Once a Daily

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Use a comb to straighten out any tangles or knots. You want to start with a smooth surface so that all of the hairs are even and lay flat against your skin. This will give your trimmer more surface area to work with as well so that you don't end up cutting off too much hair at once.

Keep it Trimmed

Use scissors to trim any stray hairs that the trimmer missed. If you're using an electric trimmer, there will likely be some areas that aren't covered by the blades on the head of the trimmer itself; this means that some stray hairs will be left behind when using only a single blade system.


Here's some neckline-shearing wisdom to take you back to your clean-shaven days. Most men regard shaving as a chore rather than a process. Some men may believe, "I need to eliminate this hair," rather than "I need to keep my skin healthy." If this describes you, you may be at risk for irritation, infection, and razor burn on and around your neckline.

Take your time shaving around the beard just as you would when shaving your face. It takes time to shave properly, especially when it comes to pre- and post-shave care.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the neckline of my beard? A decent rule of thumb for determining your beard neckline is to imagine a line connecting the lowest points of your ears and meeting at your Adam's apple. If you want to be more specific, place your beard line two fingers (or 1.5 inches) above your Adam's apple.

According to one study, males with beards are perceived as more masculine, mature, and have a higher social position. These characteristics are undeniably essential in terms of overall attractiveness.

We believe that it is always vital to clip or shave your neck hair. While a long beard will eventually cover it completely, it is a process that will take months or years to complete. The only time you should let that hair grow out is when you're trying for a neck beard style.

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