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Best Pink Makeup Looks to Rock in 2023

Pink is one of the most generally flattering colors because of the way it warms up the face and brings out the blush in the cheeks. Pink makeup is often associated with nude lipstick and romantic blush, but it also looks great swept across the eyelashes as eyeshadow or used as a glowy highlighter.

Pink makeup is having a moment right now, and it's easy to see why it's so popular among celebrities and influencers. The use of pink makeup achieves the ideal balance between classic and trendy looks. The color gives a hint of richness to the face while staying subtle. Pink can be worn in a variety of ways, from applying the same hue to the eyes, lips, and cheeks for a cool monochrome look to making a pop of rose the star of the show.

7 Best Pink Makeup Looks to Try in 2023

Check out the finest pink makeup looks below, from fuchsia eyeshadow to soft, dewy blush.

Pink Smoky Eye Look


A hint of fuchsia will immediately grab the attention of anyone. Blending a sparkly hot pink into the outer corners of your eyes will help you achieve a vibrant pink smoky eye look.

Funky Hot Pink Lashes


For a funky twist, skip your usual black mascara and opt for a vivid pink one. You can pair this with any eyeshadow color, like this dreamy lilac she used in her look.

Soft Pink Eyes and Lips


When combined with a traditional black winged eyeliner, an eyeshadow in a faded matte pink hue looks absolutely stunning and beautiful. You can achieve a natural look on the lips by using a combination of a pinkish brown lip liner and lip gloss.

Pink Sun-Setting Eye Look


Get inspired with this sun-setting Shay Mitchell look, as she brings the heat with the eyeliner that looks like a fiery sunset. She gave a pop of hot pink in the inner corners which brings all the focus to her sun-setting eyes.

Dewy Pink Makeup Look


Springtime is synonymous with dewy, glossy skin, but holographic pink highlighter adds a unique spin. Do you wish to appear as radiant as possible? Minimize your face makeup and use a pink highlighter to accent your features. Tap on a pink cream blush, and then use an opalescent highlighter to bring out your cheekbones.

Shimmery Pink Eye Makeup Look


Utilizing a metallic liquid eyeshadow in a light pink hue, give your lids a subtle shimmer. Choosing a shade with a light petal pink base and a hint of lilac in it can help wake up your eyes, which makes them appear wider and more vibrant than they actually are.

Monochromatic Pink Makeup Look


Try going for a monochromatic look the next time you find yourself staring at your makeup collection and pondering what kind of style you want to achieve with your appearance. The flushed, cool-girl vibes of an all-pink look like this one can easily be replicated with any color, but we just can't get enough of the look when it's done in pink.

Final Takeaway

This year it will be all about embracing the bold and funky makeup looks. Whether you are interested in achieving a soft pink look or a bold full-face pink look, there are tons of ways to experiment pink shade into your makeup routine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Blushing your cheeks pink, applying pink lip gloss, or doing both will do wonders for your overall appearance. Makeup of any shade of pink is fascinating and adaptable. Everyone, regardless of age, looks stunning in it. Pink cosmetics are known to be subtle and energizing for the skin.

Make your eyes stand out on special occasions with a dramatic pink smokey eye. The best colors to pair with pink are black, dark brown, or gray.

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