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5 Makeup Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know

Makeup can help you look and feel your very best, but only if you know how to use it effectively. If you're struggling to master the ins and outs of applying your makeup, follow these five makeup tricks every woman needs to know, and you'll be on your way to looking like a pro in no time!

1) Highlight Your Cheekbones

Cheekbones are often the most difficult area to define on a woman's face. This is because cheekbone definition can depend on your face's shape and size, and bone structure. Here are a few tricks that will help you get that perfect bone structure and highlight those cheekbones: 

●    Highlighter: 

Apply highlighter above your cheekbone, below the outer corner of your eye, and in the hollows under your eye. Blend with a beauty blender or finger until you achieve an even tone. 

●    Contouring: 

Contouring is perfect for defining areas like your jawline, forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks. Start by applying bronzer or contour powder two shades darker than your skin tone around these areas.

●    Drawing On Freckles: 

Freckles are cute! But if you don't have them naturally, no worries! Just grab some brown eyeliner pencils or brown eye shadow (matching or slightly lighter) and draw them on! It sounds weird, but it works.

2) Get Rid Of Bags Under The Eyes

After a long day of work or after a night out, sometimes it can be hard to keep those tired-looking bags under your eyes at bay. While plenty of eye creams claim to erase dark circles and puffiness, sometimes you just want something quick and easy.  

3) Use Lipstick To Cover Up Blemishes

Look for a lipstick in the same color family as your skin tone. Choose a neutral shade one or two shades lighter than your natural lip color but not too light. Apply it with a lip brush, then blend it with your finger. Buff the product onto the skin with circular motions, ensuring not to press too hard. This step will help you avoid any lines left by the brush's bristles and make blending easier. Once done, use a tissue or damp cotton swab to remove any excess lipstick from the outside of your lips.

4) Contour Like A Pro

Contouring is a makeup technique to add depth and dimension to your face. While it looks intimidating, it's not too hard when you know the tricks of the trade. Here are five contouring tips that will have your face looking like a pro: 

●    Create an illusion of volume by highlighting where light would naturally hit your cheekbones, forehead, nose, and chin with a matte bronzer or powder. Blend well for the best results! 
●    Add definition by shading in areas that recede, such as the sides of your nose, jawline, under-eye area, and hairline, with a darker shade of foundation or bronzer. Be careful, though – you don't want to overdo it! 
●    Highlight those high points by sweeping on a shimmery highlight around your eyebrows, the inner corner of your eyes, and cupid's bow for an extra glow.
●     For perfect brows, use short strokes along the brow bone at a 45-degree angle from the start of your eyebrow to where it ends to give them some fullness. 

5) Practice Blending, Blending, Blending

Blending is arguably the most important step in a makeup routine, and for a good reason. You'll want to blend your foundation, concealer, blush, and highlighter into a seamless look. This will also make sure that your makeup lasts longer throughout the day.


 It may seem like some of these were very simple and basic makeup skills that you probably knew ages ago, but there's no harm in refreshing our makeup knowledge now and then. It's good to know that sleek liquid liner can be used for something more than creating a cat eye, for example, or that covering up those acne scars is possible with the help of a little concealer.

Beth Norris

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