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How to Maintain Your Ginger Hair Color?

Our Instagram feeds have recently been flooded with ginger hair inspiration, and these colorful hairstyles have us excited for autumn! Due to its complexity, red is a challenging color to keep. It can be difficult to achieve, and the pigment fades quickly. However, when something appears nice, it appears to be very good! If you are thinking about coloring your hair red, we will address all of your concerns about ginger hair color. Continue reading to learn about the best hair care routine and ideas for preventing ginger hair fading.

Ginger hair is one of the most challenging hair colors to maintain. In any case, the tone relies on the vivacity, so apathy is not acceptable. Red naturally fades rapidly, yet it is one of the most difficult colors to remove. So, how do you prolong the beauty of your ginger hair?

Tips To Maintain Your Ginger Hair Color


In this blog, we’re going to discuss some of the amazing tips to maintain your ginger hair color.

Go one shade darker than the desired color

If you want to keep your ginger hair looking great for a longer period of time, coloring it one shade darker than you want to will help. As the pigment wears off, you will gradually develop your own unique tint.

Use cold water to wash your hair

How fast your hair's color fades depends a lot on how hot the water that you use to wash it. If you want your ginger hair to stay bright, you should take cold showers instead of hot ones. Warm water breaks the cuticle of the hair, which lets the color out. To get the most out of your dye job, stay cool.

Take a break before the first shampoo

Matrix pros recommend waiting at least 48 hours after the initial application of the ginger hair color before shampooing the hair. As a result, the dye molecules can be entirely absorbed by your hair, and your hair can reseal itself, preventing the color from fading too soon.

Shampoo less frequently

The leading cause of ginger hair receding and turning brassy is excessive shampooing. Both water and detergent have an effect on the cuticle, which dulls hair color. This is particularly true for individuals with ginger hair. Maintain your color by shampooing your hair as infrequently as feasible. You should not wash your hair more than three times per week.

Use a color-protecting shampoo

To keep your hair looking good, you need to use the right shampoo. You need a product that saves the color of your hair, cleans it well, and keeps its shine. Consider using a shampoo that cleans the top layer of skin and keeps your ginger hair color bright. 

You can choose from two versions: one is for thick hair and the other is for normal or thin hair. You only need to soap up and wash to prepare easy food at home.

Be careful with your wet hair

Wet hair is far more fragile than dry hair since its structure changes when wet. Brushing damp hair increases the probability of color-treated hair breaking. To avoid breakage, use only a brush designed for moist hair on freshly washed strands.

Sun protection

Wear a hat to protect your hair from the elements, which can dehydrate it and leave it appearing dull. Wear a cap or bucket hat whenever you expect to be outside to prolong the life of your ginger hair (and to protect yourself from UV rays).

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Red is currently the most popular hair color. It is a tough hue that is infamous for fading quickly, but when done well, it is stunning for autumn! 
There is a red for everyone, and with the right products and extra care, it may be the most gorgeous hair color you've ever attempted. If you're thinking about coloring your hair red, ready yourself with these tips and tricks to keep your ginger hair looking hot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Red is a relatively high-maintenance color. Many experts say that gingerhair is the most difficult color to obtain, maintain, and eliminate. To keep up with the swiftly fading tint, clients should touch up and refresh their ginger hair every 6-8 weeks.

  • Natural henna
  • Cool rinsing
  • Cranberry juice 
  • Low heat styling
  • Hair gloss

Redheads have a variant of the MC1R gene that causes their melanocytes to generate pheomelanin predominately. However, a 2018 study has led researchers to believe that additional genes may be additional genes associated with pheomelanin that regulate hair color.

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