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10 Trending Short Beard Styles for Men

Men can never go wrong with beard styles and looks - this is a truth that cannot be denied. They look great on every age group and preference. It is extremely important to choose a beard style that matches your face shape. You can easily choose a beard style if you have a long, thin face. Round faces, however, have fewer options.

Top Trending Short Beard Styles For Men

The styles below are ideal for those who aren't sure about rocking beards or simply don't want to devote a lot of time to growing them out and also start using beard rollers.

Business or Corporate Beard

For a professional look, this is the optimal short beard style. It is monotonous between half an inch and an inch short. You like to look nerdy, don't you? A business beard nerd might be a good fit.


As well as giving it a sense of seriousness, it also shows that everything is in order. Shaving in this style leaves nothing to chance. There are no flyways in the lines, and they are well-trimmed.


Hollywoodians emphasize the jaw and chin more than the cheeks. By lowering the cheek lines, the jawline becomes more prominent. You don't want to trim your neckline too high, or you'll start creeping into chinstrap territory unless you're a rapper from the early 2000s.


DiCaprio and Bale both wore a similar low cheekline, which gave the Hollywoodian its name. Hollywoodian beards aren't supposed to connect to the sideburns, but we think you should let them connect if possible.

Full Goatee Beard


Full goatee beards will continue to be popular in 2023. Countless celebrities have worn this short beard style to enhance their sex appeal, ranging from Hugh Jackman to Ranveer Singh. Shorten your beard from the sides of your cheekbones to highlight your jawline, growing it longer through your chin and mustache areas. Square face shapes look great with this latest beard style.

Scruffy beard

The scruffy beard adds some grit to your appearance. No matter how patchy your beard is or how thick it is, scruff is a style anyone can wear.


Give your hair two to four weeks to grow before you get a scruffy beard. When your scruff reaches Adam's apple after three weeks, you may need to trim your neckline. You may be mistaken for a neckbeard if you don't do this.

Egg-Shaped Beard


When you have a soft, rounded beard, you can visually elongate your chin, making your square face appear longer and leaner. Start by growing your beard long enough that you can gradually trim the sides and keep the length on your chin. If you would like it to appear like an oval, round the corners instead of trimming them at sharp angles. A softer shape softens hard features and makes wide jaws appear slimmer.

Faded Beard 

There is no doubt that the Faded Beard can create a clean, deliberate appearance, but it requires considerable maintenance. Men with square and oval faces look great in this style. The beard and sideburns are tapered into the hair to achieve this look.


A gradual blending effect is produced when the facial hair fades into the skin. It is possible to start them anywhere from halfway down the beard to the sideburns. 



Henry Cavill'sbeardstache was perhaps the most memorable in Mission: Impossible - Fallout. To rock this unique and masculine beard, you don't have to be an international spy or movie star. This style is essentially a short boxed beard trimmed shorter in the cheeks, jaw, and chin than in the mustache. Thus, the mustache and beard are clearly distinguished. Trim your beard regularly and use beard oil to maintain extra length in your 'stache.

Garibaldi Beard


As with any beard, this one requires a little patience. The Garibaldi Beard is very similar to the Bandholz Beard, but it has a round shape. It doesn't even take pictures of beard styles to get this look. In around four months, you simply leave the hair on your face to grow naturally and trim it occasionally at the bottom.

Rugged Style


Nothing can be better than this if you prefer somewhere between very short and trimmed stubble and rough and rugged style. The length of your beard is something that you decide, and men with a decent beard can try this look. You can do it easily and look handsome and cool without even thinking about it.

Van Dyke

If you want a lighter look, a Van Dyke beard style is another option. Beards with this style are essentially variations on goatees.


The mustache is floating, and there are some angular hairs on the chin. By styling your jawline this way, you will add more structure to it. Additionally, the style will highlight your chin area, making your face appear longer.

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There is a beard style out there for everyone, whether you prefer a classic, timeless appearance or something a little more modern and trendier. These best curly beard styles, which range from short and tidy to long and flowing, are sure to attract attention and make a statement. 

Try out many looks to determine which suits your personality and needs the best. To keep your beard looking attractive and healthy, keep in mind to utilize top-notch grooming supplies and maintain it frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Choose a beard shape.
  • Brush your beard uniformly.
  • Trim your sideburns and cheek hairs above your beard.
  • Shave or trim your neckline.
  • Fix your lips.


According to one study, males with beards are regarded to be more masculine, mature, and high-status. Clearly, these features influence the overall judgment of attractiveness.

  • Do a proper care
  • Use the right care tools
  • Daily wash your beard
  • Treat dandruff
  • Use moisturizer
  • Groom your beard
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