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Best Restaurants For A Birthday Dinner In LA

Birthdays must be enjoyable and straightforward, in principle. Your friends and family are expected to treat you like the angel you are because you put in the effort to maintain your sanity and likeability for another orbit around the sun. Then why does organizing your birthday meal usually turn into such a hassle? We're prepared to assist.

There is enough room for a group to congregate there, the atmosphere is festive enough to seem like a party, and there are enough beverages to distract you from the unstoppable passage of time. Here is our revised list of the top birthday meals in Los Angeles, so go through your clothes, don your crown, and congratulate yourself on your amazingness.

8 Best Restaurants ForBirthday Dinner In LA

Son of a Gun


Son of a Gun is a seafood restaurant by chef-owner Jon Shook and VinnyDotolo. It serves upscale takes on traditional seafood dishes like oysters Rockefeller and spicy shrimp toast alongside more inventive fare like steamed mussels and fried chicken livers. The bright and cheerful space, with large windows that open onto Abbot Kinney Blvd., is perfect for outdoor dining and indoor seating inside the main dining room or bar area.

The Grill on the Alley


The Grill on the Alley is a classic steakhouse located in Beverly Hills. The restaurant has been serving delicious steaks since 1947, so they know what they do regarding meat dishes. They also have an excellent wine list and an extensive dessert menu with apple tartlets and chocolate lava cake. This restaurant is great for special occasions because of its upscale atmosphere and excellent service.

La Carmencita


La Carmencita serves authentic Mexican food that will leave your mouth watering! They have amazing tacos and other Mexican dishes that will satisfy any appetite! Here you'll find a variety of unique merchandise!

Gusto 101


If you're looking for something different, Gusto 101 is a great choice. This restaurant serves tapas-style dishes, so it's perfect for trying something new or sampling multiple menu items simultaneously. They also have an extensive wine list to pair your food with an excellent glass of wine!



UrthCaffe is another casual option that offers delicious food at affordable prices. They have many options: sandwiches, salads, pasta, and cakes! This restaurant can be found all over LA, so if you want to celebrate your birthday with friends or family living out of town, this would be a great choice because there's probably one nearby too!



A modern bistro located in downtown LA, Zinque offers contemporary California cuisine with Mediterranean influences. It's always exciting to try something new! If you have room after your meal, save for dessert because their chocolate mousse cake is divine!

Le Comptoir


Le Comptoir is a French bistro located on Melrose Avenue near La Brea. The restaurant's decor is simple but elegant, and it features an extensive menu of traditional French dishes, including steak frites, duck confit, and bouillabaisse. If you're feeling adventurous, try the escargot or the foiegras burger!



If you're looking for an intimate setting with delicious food, AOC is the perfect spot for your birthday dinner celebration. Located on Beverly Boulevard near Vermont Avenue, this restaurant offers an eclectic menu that includes everything from salads to pizzas to sandwiches. While AOC doesn't have a large dining room, they offer outdoor seating, making it easy to enjoy your meal even when it's warm outside (which it often is in LA!).

Tips for Choosing the Right Restaurants For Birthday Dinner

If you're not sure where to start, here are some tips for choosing the right restaurant for your birthday dinner:

  1. Decide what kind of ambiance you want for your birthday dinner
  2. Consider your budget
  3. Make a reservation
  4. Book early (but not too early!)
  5. Check out the restaurant’s website and menu offerings
  6. Go with people who know the area well and have good taste in food

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Celebrating a birthday in Los Angeles is just special for the person turning a year old. It's also a time to bond with friends and family members you have not seen in months! All our friends and we have beloved these restaurants; see which one catches your eye, and try it on your next birthday!

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Yes! Every restaurant has something different to offer. You can come here for an intimate dinner, a family celebration, or a night out with friends.

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