9 Best Restaurants For Outdoor Dining In London

Ahhh, the smell of summer. Fresh air, that slight breeze that sweeps across your face; it's pure bliss.

Sorry Londoners, but you are going to need to step out of your front door if you want to find the best dining options in town. London is not just a city of central and inner boroughs, with great bars, clubs, and restaurants. 

No doubt that it is, but there is no better way to experience the capital city than by stepping off the beaten track and finding the most scenic restaurants for outdoor dining.

Some of the Best Outdoor Dining Restaurants You Must Visit

After a long day of shopping, it’s time to relax and enjoy a meal outdoors. London has a lot of restaurants that offer the best outdoor dining experience, so take your pick.

Here are our top 9 restaurants for outdoor dining in London:

Aqua Nueva, Soho


Aqua Nueva is an award-winning Spanish restaurant located in Soho. The restaurant boasts an al fresco courtyard with seating for up to 80 people. The menu consists of traditional Spanish dishes such as paella and tortilla de patatas; there are some Mediterranean specialties too! You can also choose from their extensive wine list if you want something different from beer or margaritas.

Brunswick House


Brunswick House is another Spanish restaurant with an al fresco courtyard area where you can enjoy your meal amidst the hustle and bustle of London. It’s located near Old Street station so it’s easy to get there on foot or by public transport if you don’t want to drive yourself around town. Brunswick House also serves tapas, so you can share with friends while enjoying the atmosphere that only outdoor dining provides!

Rochelle Canteen


Rochelle Canteen is the first restaurant from chef Claire Clark. It's named after her daughter, and the menu is seasonal, British, and always changing. The dining room is light and airy, with big tables made from reclaimed timber. You can also eat outside in the garden or on a bench near the kitchen window.

The food here is outstanding and affordable, with dishes like roast pork belly with dauphinoise potatoes or grilled king prawns with fennel salad. There are also daily specials that change throughout the week.

Aqua Kyoto


Aqua Kyoto is located in Soho and is one of the best places to eat outside. The restaurant has an amazing Japanese menu, which includes dishes like sushi, sashimi, and ramen noodles. This restaurant is perfect for people who love Asian cuisine and want to try something new.



Toklas is one of the best restaurants in London for outdoor dining, as it offers a peaceful ambiance along with great food and drinks. The restaurant has a wide variety of options on its menu, so you can try various types of cuisines here. The staff at this place are well trained and will serve you with a smile on their faces.

BiBi, Mayfair


This BiBi restaurant is trendy Korean restaurant that serves modern Korean dishes such as chicken katsu curry and bulgogi burgers alongside traditional favorites such as bibimbap and kimchi pancakes. There are lots of different options on the menu so there's something for everyone - whether you're looking for a healthy meal or something more filling!



If you need a quick fix for your Mexican food cravings, then look no further than Parrillan. Located on Tottenham Court Road, the restaurant has plenty of seating both inside and out - so grab yourself a margarita and kick back on one of their wooden benches while you wait for your tacos to arrive. The menu has something for everyone, whether you fancy tacos or burritos, or even nachos. And if it's an icy treat you're after, then definitely don't miss out on their freshly churned horchata ice cream!

The Connaught Bar & Grill


The Connaught Bar & Grill is one of the most popular restaurants in London because it offers incredible views over Green Park as well as fantastic food and drink! There's nothing better than sitting outside with a glass of champagne and watching people walk by while enjoying some delicious food!

Forza Wine


This Italian wine bar has relaxing outdoor dining where you can enjoy some snacks and drinks while taking in the sights and sounds of Mayfair. Forza Wine is perfect if you want an alternative place to unwind after work but don't want to go too far away from home.

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Wrap Up

London has a plethora of options when it comes to dining outside. Whether you're looking for fine dining, some fruity cocktails and tasty tapas, or something even a bit more adventurous (stake anyone?), there's no denying that London is one of the best cities around for eating al fresco.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, it is better to reserve your place to save yourself from last minutes hassles. However, you can also visit them without reservation (if you find any place luckily!)

It depends on what kind of gathering you like. Some of the restaurants allow parties for large groups. However, some others are good for corporate meetings. 

Of course! All these restaurants provide both vegs and non-veg according to your choice. 

There's nothing specific to wear. However, casual attire is preferred when you go to outdoor dining spots. 

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