Ideas of Something Funny For Christmas Gifts

Christmas is all about celebrating with family and friends. It’s a time to reflect on the year that has passed and look forward to the year to come.

The most important thing about giving a funny Christmas present is that it should be something that the person will love and use often. You don't want your gift to just sit on the shelf collecting dust. You want something thoughtful but also funny. Here are some ideas of something funny for Christmas gifts.

Funny Gift cards 

If you want to make someone laugh, nothing beats a good pun or joke. You can find funny cards online or at the local drugstore; just make sure they're appropriate for the recipient's age group. If you want to get more personal, write your note telling them how much you appreciate them and what makes them so special. Even if they don't think it's funny at first, they'll appreciate the sentiment behind it later on!

Funny Socks 

Nothing says “funny gift” like a pair of socks. You can get socks in all kinds of designs, including ones with humorous sayings on them, such as “I’d rather be playing video games” or “I’m not crazy; I just have many personalities.” Socks make great Christmas presents because they are useful and fun at the same time!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Kids

If you have kids, then getting a funny gift for them might be easier than you think! You could get them a new coat, hat, or gloves with an interesting design on them, such as reindeer antlers or even a penguin jumping into its egg!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Men

If you are looking for something humorous for your husband or boyfriend, then try getting him some funny socks that feature his favorite sports team or even his favorite cartoon character! You can also get him a gag gift, like an ugly sweater with something silly printed on it, such as "Keep Calm and Eat Cookies".

Vacuum Cleaners 

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most useful gifts that you can give anyone in your life. They come in many different styles and colors, so they can match their home decor perfectly. The best part? They last a long time and work hard cleaning up after messy children!

Funny Christmas T-shirts

Christmas t-shirts are perfect for those who love fun and unique clothing accessories. You can get shirts that say "Santa's Helper" or "I'm with Stupid." A personalized shirt is sure to make someone laugh on Christmas day!

Christmas Cardholder 

Everyone knows that sending out Christmas cards is just part of the holiday tradition, but getting them all organized can be a pain! With this gift, your recipient has all their cards in one place, so they don't get lost or thrown away by mistake!

Plush Stuffed Animals 

If someone loves animals or has children, then consider buying them a plush stuffed animal instead of candy or cookies. These toys are soft, cuddly, and fun to play with! Plus they'll bring smiles.

Joke Gifts

If you know someone who loves jokes, then they will love these joke gifts. These gifts are perfect for anyone who likes to laugh, or even if they don't like to laugh, they will appreciate a good joke. These jokes are geared toward men and women, so there should be something for everyone on your list!

Funny Books

Books make great gifts, but sometimes it's hard to find a good one that isn't too boring or serious for certain people in your life. A funny book is a great way to lighten up the mood and bring smiles among friends and family.


Have you ever heard the saying that says, "laughter is the best medicine?" Well, it's true! Giving someone a funny gift can help lighten their daily burdens. And if they have a difficult time laughing at themselves, then someone else has to make them laugh! Unfortunately, many of us feel uncomfortable trying to give a friend or loved one something they'd find amusing. The good news is there are lots of great options mentioned above to choose from no matter the price range or your budget!

Beth Norris

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