10 Last-Minute Gifts That Kids Will Love

Do you have kids? Do your kids have friends? Are these friends of yours too young to understand that Santa is just a fun story and not a real dude who brings toys every Christmas? Regardless of their ages, here are 10 last-minute toy ideas for kids. And if you're a parent, you could check this list out with your kids and chat about why you like or dislike the gift idea, why you like similar gifts or not, and how the gift maker managed to come up with something so cool. Some might even help them think of some ideas for show-and-tell gifts too!

It's not too late to get your kids a gift. Try these last-minute gift ideas that they'll love:

1.    A New Toy

Visit the store and let them pick out a new toy that's still in stock. You may have to look around, but it's worth it when your child sees their new toy on Christmas morning.

2.    A Trip To The Zoo Or Aquarium

If you're close enough, you can buy tickets for a day trip to see animals or fish at the zoo or aquarium. If you're farther away, buy a membership and give them an annual pass so they can come back whenever they want.

3.    New Pajamas And Slippers

New pajamas are always welcome on Christmas morning, especially if they're comfy ones with fun patterns! Slippers are another great gift because kids often outgrow them before they wear them out — plus they can keep warm while playing outside in winter months.

4.    New Books 

Books are classic gifts that never go out of style — but why not get a new one? Your child may have read all of their old favorites, so a new book will be a welcome change of pace. A great place to find new books is at your local library or bookstore; they often have special displays where kids can read through them before deciding which ones they want (and which ones they don't).

5.    A Board Game

Board games are a great way to spend time together and create memories. Look for games that will be fun for all ages, like "The Game of Life," or ones with different levels of difficulty, like "Scrabble."

6.    A Puzzle Or Activity kit

Puzzles and activity kits are great for kids because they can do them on their own or with friends and family members. Puzzles are also a great way to keep kids busy on car rides and plane trips.

7.    A New Outfit Or Accessory (Like Socks)

Kids love getting new clothes, but it's not always easy to find the perfect thing at the last minute! Try looking for something fun that you know your child would love, maybe even something that will match what they already have in their closet right now. Little accessories like hats, scarves, and socks can also be fun options.

8.    LEGO DUPLO Town

Lego Duplo is a great way for kids to learn how to build things and play with their imagination. It's also very affordable, so you can buy several sets and let them build something different every day!

9.    Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad

Kids love stickers, but they can get really expensive if you're buying them all the time. Instead of buying new ones, buy a reusable sticker pad like this one from Melissa & Doug. This way, your kids can use their imagination and creativity to make any picture they want!

10.    Playmobil Pirate Ship Toy Set

Pirates are super cool right now, especially for boys! This pirate ship set comes with two pirates who are ready for adventure at sea! It also comes with a cannon for shooting other ships out of the water (or just plain old fun). Any pirate lover would love this gift!


Last-minute gifts might seem like they’re impossible to find and nearly impossible to buy, but they’re not. Every year, you can count on your local toy store busting at the seams with last-minute gift ideas for kids. The best part is that they’re usually a lot cheaper than you imagine, so you won’t have to go broke to save for Christmas!

Beth Norris

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