How to Become a Professional Fashion Renter and Earn Thousands of Dollars?

Fashion renters are a unique breed. They can make money by renting designer clothing, shoes, and accessories. But they also know that there's more to it than just looking good. You have to know how to shop for new items as well!

We're here today to help you learn how to become a pro fashion renter and make thousands of dollars in the process. Here are some starting tips:

Know How To Shop For New Items

This is one of the most important parts of being a fashion renter. You need to know how to shop for new items so that you can always have something new and stylish on hand when someone wants to rent from you.

Be Able To Take Care Of Your Clothes

To make money as a fashion renter, one of the most important things you'll need is clothes that look good, while also being able to take care of themselves well enough that they don't need constant repairs or cleaning up after every wear! This means learning how to wash them properly between wearings and knowing which stains are best removed by certain methods of washing or dry cleaning (or by taking them somewhere else entirely).

Identify Your Style

You need to know what you're good at and what you're not. For example, if you aren't a great seamstress, don't RENT out sewing services. If you don't have time to repurpose clothing for others, don't RENT out re-styling services.

The key is to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and then find a way to monetize your strengths.

Set Up Your Business

You're going to need a good website if you want to attract customers and make money with your fashion rental business. If you have some design skills, it's worth investing time into building your website or getting someone else to do it for you. Otherwise, there are plenty of affordable options out there that allow you to create a professional site without having to pay thousands of dollars upfront.

Build A Website And Social Media Profile

You'll want to set up an online presence, so people can find you and learn more about your business. You can create a website with tools like Shopify, Squarespace, or WordPress (or use one of their templates). This is also where you'll want to post photos of your items for rent. If you don't want to build your site, sites like Poshmark let users list items for sale without having to worry about hosting or maintenance.

Get Paid To Rental Out Your Clothes And Accessories

Some popular rental sites include Poshmark and The Real — both offer a variety of clothing and accessories from brand names that are new or gently used. On both sites, sellers have the option of setting their prices and adding discounts or promotions as needed. You can also get paid by referring buyers who purchase items from your closet — simply send them a link through email or social media and earn anywhere from 10% to 25% when they buy something!

Be Prepared For Returns

You may not have realized that most rental companies charge a fee for returns because it's not their fault if someone doesn't like their dress or shoes or whatever else they've ordered. This can add up quickly, so be prepared! You may want to consider offering customers different sizes than what they requested (for example, if someone orders a size 6 but needs an 8) so that the risk falls on them rather than you when it comes time for returns (and exchanges).


The key takeaway from this should be that if you decide to pursue couture rental as a line of work, you need to be willing to make it your full-time job. While you may be able to make some decent money on the side doing so (as we did), your goal has to be to make it into a full-on career. It's not for everyone, but for those of you who have the resources to do so, consider giving it a shot--you might just find that the experience ends up being more rewarding than you expect!

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