DIY Home Wall Hangings Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is a festival of arts, crafts, and entertainment. It is also a time when many people decorate their homes or businesses with Halloween decals to celebrate the holiday. The wall hanging is one of the most popular DIY home decorating trends for Halloween. You can use it to add a unique new touch to your office or home decoration. It is simple and inexpensive to make your home more interesting and frightening.

As the perfect Halloween decorations, wall handing idea is something that everyone likes. It is not just for kids and adults, but it is even for the whole family. Now, we will discuss the best wall-handing ideas that you can do yourself.

5 Best DIY Halloween Wall-handing Ideas for home

By following these Wall-handing ideas, you can make your home more interesting and scary. Now, we will discuss the best five Wall-handing ideas for Halloween.

1.    Bug art Display

The bug wall art idea is an amazing and easy DIY Halloween décor idea because making bug art displays for the walls only requires some effort and creativity. To accomplish this, you will need frames, scissors, glue, and various colors of paper.

Cut different shapes of bugs with care using scissors. Fix bug art to the wall directly with a glue stick. You can use frames to cover the bug art. You can also use little neon lights. It will look fantastic when combined with red and orange neon lights.

2.    Paper Bats

This is a simple and easy DIY hack for frightening Halloween decorations. This applies to both indoor and outdoor decoration. However, if you want to add a ghostly and devilish touch to your walls, grab some chart paper, a pencil, and some glue.

To make the wings, draw a bat and fold the creases in opposite directions. Hang the bats from the door or the roof with long red-colored strings. This will make your house frightened. You can paste these bats on walls. You can also use some little red lights to create a scary scene.

3.    Creepy Spiderweb Wall

Creepy Spiderweb Wall is a super creepy and spooky Halloween wall decoration idea for your house walls. It makes your house much frightened. This art is much simpler, and you can do it without hesitation. Use fake spiderweb material to create a creepy spiderweb wall. Create fake branches, and they should be painted black.

This is the best Halloween haunted house idea. You can also add some Halloween pumpkins by placing red dim lights inside them. This art is amazing and most widely used.

4.    Spooktacular Halloween Wall Lights

This is an amazing and unique art for Halloween wall decoration. Hiding LED little lights that glimmer like real flames behind a spooky craft mask will give you creepy shining eyes.  Decorating your walls with these DIY lights lining the surface will add an extremely cool effect to your Halloween decorations.

You do not need any experience to make these Spooktacular Halloween wall lights. This art can help to create a scary theme.

5.    Trash Bag Spider-Webs

This is a perfect idea that is made from the material you already have around the house. Making spiderwebs is a brilliant and inexpensive idea. This method is much easy and anyone makes it without any hassle. All you need are some black trash bags, scissors, and tape. Simply cut the bag into spiderweb shapes. 

Stick spiderwebs to your windows and doors. This will give your house a scary theme.

When To Make DIY Halloween Decorations?

You should ideally begin working on your Halloween decor at least 3-4 weeks before Halloween to allow for adequate preparation and planning. Most decorative items sell out quickly before Halloween, so make a shopping list and get everything you will require first.


Halloween's decoration is very necessary, and everyone wanted to create a scary theme in his home. In this article, we have discussed the 5 best Halloween wall-handing ideas that help you create a scary theme without any experience.

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