How Much To Feed My Dog Every Day?

Many obligations come with dog ownership. One of them is ensuring that your dog maintains a healthy weight in order to keep him healthy. If you just adopted a young puppy or possibly an older dog that has put on some extra weight. You might be asking how much food you should feed him on a daily basis.

Many different factors play into how much food your dog needs to eat every day. To maintain his body weight and stay healthy. Even within breeds, dogs have variations in height, length, and girth. Puppies have different growth rates, and adult dogs have variations in activity levels. 

And since adult dogs grow for up to two years after they reach full size, the amount of food they need changes depending on their age and life stage. You probably already know that a small Yorkshire Terrier consumes less food than a big St. Bernard. How much food a dog needs is specifically determined by a few factors.

Characteristics Of The Dog

1.    Age

Puppy energy requirements are high due to their rapid growth. They typically consume more food than adult dogs. Dogs get less hungry as they age. Similar to individuals, when they become less active, their energy needs drop.

2.    Size And Breed

Probably the most evident determining element in terms of the ideal dietary intake. Your dog's size will show you how much care he need. A large body needs to provide energy to more cells than a small one.

3.    Weight

The dog's back is the greatest place to determine whether it is overweight or underweight. Your dog is at an ideal weight if you can feel his ribs and spine, but they are not especially obvious. Increase the amount of food if the dog is underweight. Dogs who are overweight can be put on a diet.

However, you should always check to make sure your dog is still receiving enough nutrition. It's preferable to adopt a change in the amount of food after consulting with the veterinarian.

4.    Level Of Sctivity

The unique traits of your dog are taken into consideration while determining the ideal meal intake. Does your dog always run around? Does he frequently run or bark? More than calm dogs who find getting out of bed for a stroll torturous, he'll eat. Age, height, and weight are strongly correlated with the energy requirements resulting from physical activity.

Characteristics Of The Food

1.    Energy Content

Quantity and quality are not the same. Depending on the ingredients in the dog food. The amount of nutrients a food contains determines its so-called energy density. Fat is the primary energy source, followed by proteins and carbs. What does the dog food's package indicate about its energy content? Learn about the specific ingredients in the food at BARF or prepare your dog's meals on your own.

2.    Dry Or Wet Food

In order to make up for eating mostly dry food, your dog will need to drink more water. A dog's stomach can process a lot more wet food at once. In comparison to dry food, it is up to four times more. But in the end, the body controls how much food is really consumed by drinking and excreting. Dogs fed dry food don't consume any less.

3.    Calculating the right amount of food for dogs

How much food a dog needs depends on a variety of things. To increase sales, food producers frequently print unusually large portion sizes on their packaging. However, there are approximate formulas you may use to figure out how much food your dog needs each day. For puppies and pregnant dogs, this quantity can go up to 6%. The amount of food can drop to 2% of body weight for older or less active dogs.


Food is essential for good health. It is important for dogs as much as for humans. The number of feeds matters for fitness. There are some factors in deciding how much food to feed a dog every day. In this article, we learn about the factors affecting on amount of food. And characteristics of food are also important when calculating the amount of food to feed the dogs. Normally we can calculate the amount by weight 2.5% of the body weight per day.

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