How To Clean The Greasy Kitchen Walls?

It can occasionally seem hopeless to battle kitchen grease (especially when it comes to bacon), but it is feasible. Here are the techniques we suggest using to permanently remove grease off walls. Almost everyone like cooking bacon, but nobody enjoys the bothersome grease splatters it produces. 

Your walls and backsplash become sticky from fried food grease, which attracts dust and grime and makes a greater mess. So what should a cook do? Since there isn't just one straightforward way to remove grease off walls, we're going to offer three different approaches. Here's a closer look at the top commercial, do-it-yourself, and all-natural grease-cutting tips.

What To Do With Grease Stains On Wall?

An unwanted grease spot on the wall is the result of the daily hustle and a brief kitchen preoccupation. However, greasy stains don't simply show up in the kitchen. They frequently come about as a result of playful small children or adored pets. 

Any room in the house can host them. What should you do, do you wonder? Act quickly, firstly. The likelihood that the grease marks can be eliminated decreases with time. The list of treatments is below.

1.    Clean Grease Off Semi-Gloss Painted Wall

On semigloss-painted kitchen walls, grease is less likely to stick, but you still need to be cautious while wiping up the oil to prevent rubbing away the paint or destroying the surface. Start by using a mild cleaner on semi-gloss walls frequently. Hot water is sufficient to get the job done. If hot water and a rag are insufficient, mix one ounce of your preferred nonabrasive cleaning goods with a gallon of hot water to make a cleaner. 

The grout between kitchen tiles can be cleaned quite well with this cleaner. You require a stronger solution for stains caused by tough grease. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to your cleaning solution to make it stronger.

2.    Other Natural Grease Cleaning Methods 

Vegetable oil is one technique that can seem a little strange, but it works. Scrub the stain after pouring some onto a paper towel. The stain should start to fade as you watch. Salt can also be used to remove grease stains from the kitchen; for tougher stains, make a solution of one part salt to four parts alcohol scrubber. 

Make a potent paste for removing grease by mixing Borax and lemon juice in equal amounts. Utilizing a soft cloth, apply the Borax paste to the stains. Five minutes should be given for the Borax paste to rest before cleaning with a moist cloth and fresh water.

3.    Magic Erasers

"Magic erasers" have become very popular recently. It is ideal for different sorts of grime. Thus, it can be regarded as a general cure. The size of the eraser varies by manufacturer and is slightly coarse. Remember that the element wears out till it is no longer functional. 

Try the magic eraser if you've tried numerous cleaning techniques to remove grease stains from walls, and none of them have worked. However, exercise caution because occasionally, the eraser may also remove some of the paint.

4.    Walls Are Spot Cleaned With Baking Soda And Water

Do you have some stains that just won't go away? Baking soda can save the day. Use a soft cloth or towel and a solution of water and baking soda to spot-clean your walls. It should work with a half-cup of it in a bucket of warm water. This clever little combination should easily remove any crayon or pen stains. Once more, make careful to test it out on a hidden region of the wall before using it on a visible area.


A glass cleaner, dish soap, and shaving foam are a few solutions for removing grease stains from walls. Use a magic eraser if none of those approaches work. After preparation, you must use paint if it doesn't work either.

Beth Norris

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