Best Ways To Style A Button Up Shirt

Shirts with buttons up the front are a fashion staple. Every lady should have these in her wardrobe because they are a classic wardrobe must. Button-up shirts are one of the most adaptable articles of clothing available which is one of their best qualities. They have enough texture and interest to instantly lend excitement to any outfit, yet they are basic enough to mix with more overpowering pieces. 

These tops can easily be transformed into a key component of any style, from a polished workplace outfit to a relaxed and carefree date-night appearance, and they make you look put together no matter what you're wearing. However, there are numerous ways to wear a button-up shirt to create a range of fashionable appearances, from put-together to casual.

Ideas To Style A Button-Up Shirt

1.    Dress It Down With Light-Wash Jeans And Sneakers 

White button-up shirts have a polished, businesslike appearance, but you can dress them down for everyday use! Wear it with a pair of mom jeans and a pair of laid-back sneakers. Even better, include a baseball cap.

2.    Open

It's more informal to wear a button-up shirt with the buttons open. But when you use it as a top layer, it enhances your appearance. This design is ideal as a thin layer underneath a dress, swimwear, or long-sleeve shirt.

3.    Wear It to Work 

Wear it with dress pants, a blazer or jacket, and either flats or heels. You can utilize a denim jacket, navy blue dress pants, and a pair of eye-catching leopard flats to complete the look.

4.    Tuck Into A Midi Skirt

This can be worn casually with sneakers or flat sandals or to church with heeled sandals (or close-toed heels). Both seem adorable.

5.    Try A Denim Pencil Skirt 

So many women adore this dress so much. A wonderful casual choice that nevertheless feels stylish is a denim pencil skirt. For some flair and structure, you can add a belt. For a more classy look, some cute sandals.

6.    Go Collared

Don't be terrified of button-collar ups if you want to rock one. You can carry off the garment with ease if you're wearing a button-up with a striking collar because it adds more intrigue to your outfit. Go for shorter sleeves instead of the traditional, long-sleeved, Oxford-style button-up. 

Most men and women look good wearing defined collared short-sleeved button-ups. Choose a short-sleeved button-up with a wild, exciting pattern that is sure to draw attention. To finish the style, pair it with high-waist faded shorts and strappy shoes.

7.    Tie It

If you're concerned that wearing a button-up would make you look boxy, try tying the top in the front instead. Your outfit will instantly become more flirtatious by tying your button-up. Additionally, it guarantees that your natural curves will show through from underneath your baggy or oversized top.

Button your top, but leave the last few bottom buttons undone to tie it up. Next, make a simple knot by twisting the shirt's front on both sides and tying them twice.

8.    Tucked In

The most formal way to wear a white button-up shirt is tucked in. But don't let that stop you from donning it with jeans tucked in. It is extremely adaptable.

9.    Front Knot

This shirt has a playful touch when tied in a front knot. You have a lot more alternatives for how to wear this shirt because of its style. For instance, you can style it with dresses in addition to wearing it with all kinds of bottoms.


Do dress pants go with a formal shirt? Most individuals favor slim-fit jeans. Since you want your jeans to look tailored to your body, a thinner, more fitted pair will look better with a dress shirt than a baggy pair. They look more tailored since they also cuff beautifully at the ankle.

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