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8 Best Fast Food Options For Weight Watchers

In today's fast-paced environment, it might be difficult to burn the number of calories you consume while simultaneously increasing the number of calories that are favorable to your health. It might seem like everything on the menu at fast-food places has a lot of calories, making it hard to get a quick bite to eat when you're on the go or short on time. 

If you use Weight Watchers, you know how important it is to make good use of your points. You might be wondering if there are any Weight Watchers-friendly fast food choices for when you need a quick bite.

Even though it's hard, you can find low-calorie food items at the drive-through. Some of the most popular and well-known fast-food places have more than one choice for people who want to eat healthily.

Weight Watchers Friendly Fast Food Options

Following are some most popular fast food options for Weight Watchers



Subway is one of the great options with a large variety of healthy sandwiches. You can build your sandwich according to your favorite ingredients. So, customers are in command of their sandwiches and can make healthy choices regarding bread, meat, and condiments.

Bread is the best method to reduce preservative, carbohydrate, and calorie intake at Subway. Try a sandwich, salad, or wrap as an alternative. Additionally, deli meats are high in preservatives, so oven-roasted poultry is preferable to roast beef. For a healthy supper, omit the cheese and load your sandwich with fresh vegetables and a dressing.



This fast food chain offers grilled chicken options that are low in points. The Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap, and Grilled Nuggets are all good choices. One SmartPoint is all that you'll receive for a serving of twelve grilled chicken nuggets. 

You will need to use up six SmartPoints to cover the cost of a full-grilled chicken sandwich. There are seven SmartPoints in the grilled chicken cool wrap, one SmartPoint is assigned to a medium diet lemonade, and there are zero SmartPoints assigned to the fruit cup.

Taco Bell


While some of the items on the menu are high in points, there are still some good options at Taco Bell for those following Weight Watchers. The Power Menu Bowl and Crunchy Taco Supreme are both low in points.



Wendy's offers a few low-point options, such as the Grilled Chicken Sandwich and the Chili. Wendy's offers a range of menu choices to assist you to lose weight, such as grilled chicken sandwiches, delectable salads, baked potatoes, and wraps.

If you find yourself in Wendy's drive-through, resist the temptation to order a high-calorie dish and instead choose a better option. Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad, and Berry Burst Chicken Salad all include delicious grilled chicken pieces on a nutritious bed of leafy greens and wonderfully suited toppings.

Panera Bread


This fast-casual chain offers a variety of healthy options, including salads and soups. The Greek Salad with Chicken and the Ten Vegetable Soup are both low in points. 



While McDonald's is not known for being a healthy fast food option, there are still some low-point options available. The Grilled Chicken Sandwich and the Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken are both good choices.

People usually tell others to stay away from traditional fast food salads, but the Southwest salad with grilled chicken and cilantro sauce at McDonald's is only six SmartPoints. The Ranch Snack Wrap has seven SmartPoints and is a good choice for a quick meal on the go. You'll spend seven SmartPoints on a six-piece order of chicken McNuggets, eight on a hamburger, and six on a fruit-and-yogurt parfait.



With a variety of healthy ingredients, Chipotle is a great option for those following Weight Watchers. The Chicken Bowl with Brown Rice, Black Beans, Fajita Veggies, and Tomatoes is a low-point option. Chipotle is among the finest fast food restaurants for Weight Watchers due to its use of fresh, high-quality ingredients. Utilizing local ingredients and grass-fed beef, Chipotle strives to create delicious meals that won't cause weight gain. 



KFC may not seem like a healthy fast food option. But they offer grilled chicken options from which you can choose. The grilled chicken drumsticks and grilled breast chicken are the best choices you can select.

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These 8 best fast food for weight watchers are extremely good if you are on a Weight Watchers plan. The blog has a list of eight fast-food places and the menu items they suggest that are low in points and work with Weight Watchers. It also gives tips on how to change foods to make them healthy. Overall, the blog can be helpful for people who want to eat healthy food at their favorite fast-food places.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

•    Vegetables
•    Fat-free yogurt
•    Fruit
•    Poultry
•    Fish and shellfish
•    Corn
•    Tofu

Weight Watchers has a large Zero Points Food List. Fruits, non-starchy vegetables, lean meats, legumes, and non-fat dairy products like plain fat-free yogurt and cottage cheese are ZeroPoint foods.

It may vary on the flavor of the pizza and also the thickness of the pizza. Usually, the points of a pizza vary between 5 to 13 according to crust thickness.

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