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6 Amazing Beef Dishes For A Dinner Party

There are many reasons why evening meals with ground beef are popular. To begin with, there are many excellent ways to use ground beef, and it cooks up quickly. This adaptable protein is a mainstay in our diet, but it's all too easy to get stuck in a rut with weeknight dinners, especially when the kids only want mac and cheese. 

If your culinary prowess doesn't go much beyond Bolognese sauce and tacos, we've got you covered with inventive recipes using hamburger meat that the whole family will adore. With delicious new takes on traditional ground beef dishes like meatloaf, hamburgers, chili, and lasagna, the Southern Living Test Kitchen is here. 

If you prefer something different, we've also come up with some unexpected new ways to employ, stock up on ground beef at the store. And save this collection as your go-to resource for simple ground beef dishes because ground beef stores nicely.

Top Yummy Beef Dishes You Should Try

Here is a complete list of the tastiest beef dishes:

1.    Fire Roasted Tomato And Beef Ragù Recipe

Even though it only takes 40 minutes to prepare, this hearty sauce recipe is also excellent for freezing for those evenings when you want to eat a home-cooked meal.

2.    Beef Sliders With Bacon Jam

King's Hawaiian Rolls will always be a favorite among Southerners, and this recipe for big-batch sliders is another piece of evidence. These sliders are considerably simpler to prepare and serve for kid's gatherings and game day parties than flipping burgers all night. What distinguishes these ground beef sliders from other dishes? Simply put, Bacon Jam. Once you experience this savory-sweet sauce, you'll want to use it on almost everything.

3.    Beef Pizza

You'll also need eight black or green olives that have been cut horizontally, one and a half cups of pizza sauce, four round thin sandwich bread, and four individually wrapped sticks of reduced-fat mozzarella string cheese. The Italian-style sausage should be cooked first, followed by the pizza sauce, and cooked for three minutes.

Arrange the thin sandwich slices and slice the cheese into strips. These pizzas should be placed on a skillet and broiled for five minutes, or until the cheese is melted.

4.    Greek Baked Ziti

This baked ziti with the ground beef recipe is modeled after the traditional Greek comfort food known as pastitsio. It combines two rich pieces of cheese, mozzarella, and Parmesan, with oregano and the traditional tastes of ground beef, onion, and garlic. 

Therefore, bake a dish of this family's favorite comfort food, and in less than 30 minutes, you may unwind with a warm, delectable lunch. You can even prepare this ahead of time and freeze it for a quick evening dinner.

5.    Yukjeon

A typical South Korean meal is called yukjeon. Typically, finely sliced battered beef is used to make this kind of jeon (pan-fried battered cuisine). The meat is covered with rice flour after being marinated in a soy-based marinade or egg and flour before being fried in a pan with oil Soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil, sugar, garlic, and pepper are common ingredients in marinades. 

Yukjeon is cooked before being served warm with a dipping sauce on the side and scallions as a garnish. The meat should be extremely thin and extra soft if properly prepared.

6.    Zrazy WoÅ‚owe Zawijane

A classic Polish beef roulade known as Zrazy wołowe zawijane is made of thin beef slices that are wrapped around a filling before being fried and simmered. The beef slices are typically spread with mustard and filled with bacon, pickles, and onions, though the technique of preparation and the filling may differ.

A traditional version of the recipe calls for stuffing the beef with breadcrumbs, horseradish, sauerkraut, or herbs. A filling of wild mushrooms and cream is required in one variation of the meal. Beef roulades can be served with several sides, such as boiled rice, potatoes, beet salad, cabbage, buckwheat or barley kasha, Polish potato dumplings, or sour cream, and are typically drizzled with the cooking sauce.


Numerous nutrients that are good for our health can be found in beef. Overall, and has been for many centuries, it is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the human diet. Additionally, this vitamin provides a wide range of advantages, such as improved skin, a happier mood, better sleep, and neural regeneration. It's crucial to understand that low vitamin B12 levels may also make depression and other mental health problems more likely.

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