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Everything You Need to Know About Ashley Piercing

Ashley piercings are one of the few piercings located on the lip itself, which makes them look especially alluring when paired with lipstick that pops. This piercing is perfect for those who have gorgeous lips and a sense of style. An eye-catching lip piercing like this is hard to overlook. Nevertheless, it may take longer to heal, and special aftercare may be needed because of its location.

Here's something good to cheer you up before you started worrying. In the following information, you'll learn how painful the Ashley piercing is, how long it takes to heal, and how to care for it.

Ashley Piercing Procedure

Finding a reputable piercer is the first step to getting a piercing. You will be provided with some paperwork when you arrive at the shop and your piercer will explain to you the procedure. A sanitary procedure will be conducted, and your lip will be cleaned. The piercer will use a surgical pen to mark the location. Choosing the location is an important step both for safety and aesthetics, so be sure you like it before proceeding.


Using a hollow needle, a clamp will fix your lip in place and quickly perforate it. The jewelry of your choice will then be inserted. You will be instructed in proper aftercare by your piercer as a last step.

How Painful Is The Procedure?

Even those who have had piercings in the past acknowledged that the little Ashley lip piercing is the most painful since it raises the pain threshold. The piercer inserts a needle horizontally through the lower lips and into the mouth to complete the procedure. 

Because our lips contain so many nerves, some lip piercings may cause more discomfort than others. Since the pain is immediate and severe, it is advised to avoid it for those who have a low pain threshold.

Ashley Piercing Healing Process

You can expect the Ashley piercing to heal in 3 to 4 months, though it may take longer if you don't take good care of it and your body has a hard time recovering. If you are unsure whether your piercing is fully healed, have a piercer take a look and confirm it's been healed before stopping aftercare.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Healing

  • You should avoid highly acidic beverages and foods for a couple of days.
  • The wound should be soaked twice a day in saline water as part of a daily ritual.
  • It is a good idea to always use disposable paper products when drying the wound because cloth towels might snag the jewelry, resulting in injury.
  • You can help speed up the healing process by buying aftercare sprays for piercings. Infections are prevented, and the healing process is accelerated.
  • Even though you might find it fascinating, do not touch or play with the jewelry area.
  • Keep your mouth clean with regular brushing and avoid contact with things, clothes, and your hands.

Aftercare for Ashley Piercing

Since Ashley's piercings are oral, aftercare is more complicated than ear piercings. It's important to keep the mouth clean since part of the jewelry is in the mouth. Sarah recommends rinsing your mouth after every snack and meal because this piercing is inside the mouth.

The best way to cleanse your piercing is to use alcohol-free mouthwash diluted with half-and-half water. The piercing site should be cleaned twice a day with a saline wash. Avoid touching or biting your piercing while it heals, as this may further irritate it.

How Much Does Ashley Piercing Cost?

It depends on your location and how much lip piercing costs. The local piercer should be avoided at all costs. Any piercing should always be performed by an expert. It may cost more than the local ones, but you are safe with the expert. If you want to save a few bucks, don't compromise your most sensitive body parts. A perfect operation may cost between $30 and $70 if performed by an expert piercer.

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It's hard to resist getting an Ashley piercing when you see how stunning other women appear with that sparkly dot over their lips. Elegant and beautifully crafted gemstones can make a significant difference in how well your lovely lips are adorned. This gorgeous appearance, which strongly accentuates the features, will make you the center of attention. Tiny labret studs provide a sweet appeal to any outfit.

Ultimately, the choice to choose this or not is yours. But this is something you would treasure and appreciate every day, regardless of your attire. In the end, Ashley piercing is just a modest step towards the feel-good element that multiplies your enjoyment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Healing time varies depending on the area of treatment. The healing process for some piercings can take anywhere from four to six weeks, while for others it can take up to three months.

Use a cotton ball or a clean muslin cloth to gently clean infected piercings three times daily with a saline solution. An antibacterial cream can be applied after the area has dried. You may need antibiotics if your infection is severe.

A piercing can be created with either a gun or a needle. In general, needle piercings are considered more precise and less painful. Guns are generally used to pierce earlobes. Despite the potential for more bruising or tissue damage, gun piercings can be cheaper and faster.

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