08 Countries You Would Love To Visit Before You Die

The world is a big place with so many different places to visit. You may have never thought about it, but you will die someday. You are not immortal, and there is no way of knowing when the Grim Reaper will come knocking on your door.

What would you pick if you had the chance to see the world before you died? There are so many countries with amazing scenery and unique cultures that it's hard to choose just one.

Here's a list of countries that you should visit before you die.


With good reason, Thailand is one of Asia's most popular tourist destinations. The country has something for everyone, from those who love historical sites and museums to those who enjoy shopping and nightlife. It is also one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with its beaches and islands attracting thousands of tourists each year.


Norway is known for its breathtaking scenery and natural beauty. This Scandinavian country offers visitors an opportunity to explore some of Europe'sEurope's most magnificent landscapes and spectacular sights that will leave them breathless every time they visit this amazing place! Norway is also known for its friendly people, so if you're looking for a relaxing holiday filled with beautiful sights, this is the place for you!

New Zealand 

This country has stunning scenery and is known for its outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking. The people are very friendly and welcoming too! If you're looking for a relaxing holiday filled with beautiful scenery, this is the place for you! New Zealand has many activities to keep you busy, including hiking, kayaking, and cycling. The people are very friendly and welcoming too!


Australia is another beautiful country with wonderful scenery and great people. It's often considered one of the most relaxed countries in the world because there's nothing much going on except for good food, sunshine and beach days! Worth seeing before we all die!


Canada has many great tourist attractions such as Niagara Falls, Vancouver Island, Banff National Park (home of Canada's Rocky Mountains), and Toronto (which has many museums and is also a great place to visit if you want to see the Northern Lights. It is also home to many friendly people who will be more than willing to show you around! Canada is worth seeing before we all die!


Scotland is an enchanting country, with its rolling hills and majestic lochs. You can enjoy stunning scenery, ancient history, and the best of contemporary culture.
Scotland has a wealth of attractions to offer, from castles and palaces to picturesque villages and some of the world's best golf courses.

Scotland is full of culture and history and has some of the best food in the world. The country has so much to offer in terms of culture, history, nature, and sport. It has world-renowned festivals like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Glasgow Film Festival, the International Festival, and many more.


Iceland is a small North Atlantic island between Greenland and Europe. It has just over 300,000 people living in an area larger than England but smaller than Wales. Iceland is famous for its volcanoes, geysers, and hot springs. The landscape is dramatic, with volcanic mountains rising from a rugged coastline where black sand beaches meet lava fields with azure waters.

South Africa

South Africa is located on the southern tip of Africa, with Cape Town being its most popular city due to its proximity to Table Mountain and Cape Point Nature Reserve, where you can see many iconic African animals like penguins, whales and seals as well as explore Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years during apartheid times.


If you have not visited one of these amazing countries before, there's no time like the present. Or, perhaps you've already been to most of them and are looking for a few new places to explore. Either way, look at our list and see which countries strike your fancy. It may give you some good reading material or an idea for a new adventure.

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