Wedding Props To Have Spectacular Photos

You already have a fantastic setup for stunning wedding photos—just add a few imaginative photographic accessories and an intriguing background! Your couples can add a unique touch to their wedding photos with props and accessories. 

These ornamental items can be imaginatively used to increase the enjoyment and involvement of your couples while posing (and their guests too). Even though the backgrounds are occasionally plain and boring, colorful and imaginatively created photographic props can instantly add some drama and character to your pictures — or, in this case, in the blink of a flash! 

Additionally, props can be expertly employed in photography to add character or just tell a tale. Encourage your partners to use some of the incredible photography props we've listed here to produce some one-of-a-kind, unforgettable pictures.

Amazing Photography Props That Are Perfect For Couples

There are countless possibilities available when it comes to selecting photography props that could be advantageous for you and your partner. Combining and contrasting these alternatives is another excellent method to inject some originality into your photographs.

1.    Decorated Ladder

When decorated with flowers or ribbons, a ladder made of wood or wrought iron can appear very attractive. 

If the happy couple is unable to locate a decorated ladder in the marketplace, they might buy a plain ladder, paint it white, and ask the wedding decorators to adorn it for them. Or, if they have the time, you may suggest that they use it as a pre-wedding date right there! 

To fit the wedding theme, they can adorn the ladder with faux flowers and vibrant ribbons. This particular advice you give your clients as a wedding photographer may also help you win their confidence and trust.

2.    Fairy Lights or Hanging Bulbs

Fairy lights and hanging bulbs can aid in creating the princess or fairy-tale wedding your bride has in mind. Any backdrop may be made into a dreamlike scene and given warmth by these lovely small lighting details. 

To magically improve the artistic appeal of your photographs, the string of lights can be stretched out horizontally or pressed up against a wall. This will produce the illusion of a waterfall. 

Additionally, consider romantic bokeh photos! They might even be beloved by your couples. To get it right, though, when creating such an image, be sure that these lights aren't too close to your partner.

3.    Smoky Bombs

To give your couple's photos a dreamlike feel, smoke bombs can be the ideal photography props for outdoor weddings. With so many colors now available, you may assist the couple in choosing one that complements their wedding theme or their narrative if they are having trouble picking one.

If you want more romantic wedding photos, ask your helper to carry the smoke bombs throughout the session rather than having your pair handle them.

4.    Themed Balloons

Balloons can bring a splash of color and joy to even the most uninteresting backdrops, despite being one of the most underappreciated photography accessories. For their special day, you can suggest to your couple balloons with a wedding theme. 

The bride and groom's name, initials, the wedding date, or a beautiful message that the couple wants to share with their guests can all be written in alphabet or number balloons. If your couple chooses it that way, the balloons could be plain in pastel colors or metallic silver or gold. 

A balloon-draped wall can also serve as the ideal backdrop for a photo. Today's balloons come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and hues, so you might simply advise your partners to choose an option that suits their tastes.


In addition to helping your photographs speak for themselves, photography props frequently serve to highlight the amusing side of your couples and their guests. When it comes to selecting wedding photography accessories, there are countless alternatives. 

Let your imagination soar, and use your camera to record the brilliance of these minute details. Share these original prop suggestions with your partners to help them make wonderful memories!

Beth Norris

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