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Walmart's Best Parenting Products - Top Picks for Moms and Dads

Walmart is one of the most trusted brands in the world. Whether it's groceries, clothing, or electronics, Walmart has everything you need at prices that can't be beaten. When it comes to parenting products, Walmart has an incredible selection of top-rated baby gear and other essentials available, from baby monitors to strollers. But sometimes it can take effort to find the best products in a sea of options. 

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of Walmart’s best parenting products. We’ve selected items that we know moms and dads will love, so you can shop our recommendations with confidence.

Baby Monitors

A good baby monitor is key for any parent who worries about their child while they sleep. It can also be helpful if you have a two-story home and want to keep an eye on your toddler or infant during their naps or at night. There are many different types of monitors available, such as video monitors that let you see live video footage of your child’s room, audio-only monitors that let you hear what’s going on in the room but not see it, and Wi-Fi-enabled smart baby monitors with built-in temperature sensors and more. If you want a video monitor but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on one, consider shopping for a used model instead — new ones often cost around $200 or more!


Strollers are a primary mode of transportation for most parents with small children. You'll want something lightweight, easy to maneuver, and folds easily, so it fits into your car or trunk without taking up too much space. Most strollers also have a storage basket underneath where you can stash extra items like diapers or bottles while out running errands with your little one in tow. Check out our selection of strollers at Walmart today!

Toddler Tub 

This tub is great for bathing babies because it keeps them warm without having to fill up an entire bathtub with water (which can be dangerous). Plus, it comes with everything you need including shampoo and conditioner dispensers on each side, so you don't have to worry about your baby slipping while getting clean!

Baby Food Maker 

You can make your baby food at home in just minutes with this machine. The Baby Bullet Baby Food Maker comes with everything you need to make fresh, homemade baby food from scratch. It even has an ice cube tray, so you can freeze your creations and store them for later. We love this product because it saves money over store-bought jars of baby food, plus it's easy to use and clean up after!

Skip Hop Pronto Changing Pad

The Skip Hop Pronto Changing Pad is our top pick because it's inexpensive, easy to clean, and stylish enough to fit in with any nursery decor. We love that it has a waterproof lining, so you don't have to worry about leaks or messes getting on your furniture or flooring. The wipe-clean surface also makes it simple to clean up any accidents that might happen while changing your baby's diaper!

Boppy Pillow

The Boppy pillow is an essential item for new moms and dads. From breastfeeding to soothing your little ones when they're fussy, the Boppy pillow can be used in so many ways. It comes in different sizes and designs to meet any need. You can even use it as a makeshift nursing cover if needed!

Boppy Wedge

If your baby has acid reflux or colic, then this wedge pillow may be just what you need! It helps elevate their head slightly so that it doesn't cause discomfort while sleeping or feeding.

Baby Moisture Metre

This baby moisture meter is a must-have for any parent who's concerned about dry skin on their baby's bum. It's so simple to use — just place the probe on your little one's tushie, push a button and get results within seconds!


The Walmart Parenting Picks website is filled with thoughtful reviews and recommendations for the best parenting products. From cribs to toys and strollers, this online shopping site is a trusted source for parents in need of advice, reviews, and solutions to their parenting dilemmas.

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