Top 5 Kids Movies In Theaters Now 2022

A superhero, mystical, or monster movie can be enjoyed by anyone, including adults. After numerous delays over the past couple of years are finally scheduled to be released in 2022. These films will also amuse any adult's inner child. 

This means that you and your loved ones may look forward to enjoying a new family favorite on the big screen while inhaling the mouthwatering aroma of buttery popcorn and relaxing in a comfortable cinema chair. Numerous new movies are slated to debut on Netflix, Disney+, and other streaming platforms.

Best 5 kids Movies In Theaters in 2022

1.    Turning Red

With what might be its cuddliest adventure yet, Pixar is back. The protagonist is a little girl named Mei, a 13-year-old Chinese Canadian with a unique talent: anytime she feels anxious or thrilled, she transforms into a red panda. There are simply not enough animated films using Toronto or panda-based shape-shifting. 

2.    Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

With the full-length film Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, identical short films are brought to the big screen. Marcel (Jenny Slate), a 1-inch shell, resides with his grandmother and their pet lint. Marcel sets out on a search for his missing family of shells with the aid of a documentary filmmaker after they vanished after a mysterious event tragedy. 

The movie, according to Eric Eisenberg of Cinema blend, is "a poignant and hypnotizing cinematic work that has been crafted with exceptional workmanship - perfectly mixing documentary-style cinematography and the delicate and exquisite art of stop-motion animation. It's a little, personal, independent film, yet it has a stunning soul and amazing vision.

3.    Strange World

Strange World might be the right book for kids who enjoy magic and fantasy. This movie features many wonderful and fantastical animals and is about trips to distant lands. Anyone's imagination is guaranteed to be fired up by this one. The release date is November 22. This is expected to be the next major Disney animated picture, possibly even competing with the blockbuster Encanto, according to Lopper.

4.    Lightyear

The trade by Pixar was timely. The film's most upsetting tales encourage children and the adults who take them to the theatre to reflect on our transience and to watch the sand fall slowly from our hourglasses. The gritty grains blend in with their distinctive bitter-sweetness. This unmistakable poignancy is transported by Lightyear into a pulpy sci-fi adventure.

When faced with time, its strapping hero goes full speed ahead, accelerating to a satisfying but undeniably limited success. The opening line establishes the mood and dispels any ambiguity regarding Lightyear's IP-forward production. This is the in-universe movie that served as the basis for the Buzz Lightyear character from Toy Story. 

Got it? No? 

Instead of being a girl this time, he's supposed to be a boy made of hair, skin, boldness, plastic, electronics, and bravado toy. Beyond that first instance of corporate insanity, Light year is often simple to comprehend. We crash-land into Star Command's Buzz (Chris Evans) and his best friend/commander Alisha Hawthorne (Uzo Aduba) as they are exploring an uninhabitable alien world. 

It doesn't give you time to consider its meta-premise. They are a throwback to the huckster magazine covers with vine-cutting and insect-blasting action; Amazing Stories, Startling Stories, and Thrilling Wonder Stories have provided all the words I could need. The 105-minute film moves at the same pace as a dark, undercover page-turner.

5.    Hocus Pocus 2

Parents may have been waiting longer than kids to see this movie, but that simply means it will be a great night out. Three young women bring the Sanderson Sisters back, and the result is undoubtedly mayhem.

This movie will appeal to anyone who liked the original since, according to Digital Spy, the entire original cast is expected to appear. The optimum night to release this film is October 31.


You should take your child to a Theater or a Cinema for a movie once a month. This will be good entertainment and a source of joy for your child. In this article, we’ve listed the top 5 movies for your kids. Watch one of these and enjoy your weekend.

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