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Tips To Make your Wavy Hair Look Beautiful

Taking care of the needs of wavy hair starts in the shower by using the right products for your hair type. While wavy hair is naturally fragile and one of the easiest hair types to manage, many wavy and curly hair types require a solution to control frizz.

Tips To Keep Your Wavy Hair Beautiful

Wavy hair is neither fine and smooth like straight hair nor coarse and dry like curly hair. Knowing your hair type will help you choose the best products to maintain beautiful, luscious waves. For our best advice on caring for wavy hair, keep reading.

1.    Keep Your Hair Hydrated

With a cleansing and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, you can start styling your hair in the shower. For several reasons, we recommend using sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates strip your hair of its natural oils, resulting in dull, frizzy hair (especially those with waves and curls).

Next, choose a conditioner that protects your hair from moisture and humidity. After washing, use a leave-in hair conditioner containing keratin to protect hair from styling. 
In addition to smoothing the hair cuticle and strengthening the shaft, keratin, and proteins found in the hair add shine, improve manageability, and are great for waves and curls.

2.    Lock Your Curly Hairs In Shine

Although straight hair has more volume than wavy or curly hair, it can sometimes look lifeless. With the texturizer adding texture and volume to wet or dry hair, you can better define your waves and achieve that desired, healthy bounce. For added volume, use a diffuser after applying your product.

If your hair is on the curly end of the spectrum without unnecessarily controlling its texture, use a styling cream, or mousse to define the curls. Use a styling lotion on damp hair to lengthen your curls if you want lighter curls. On the second day, simply restyle your curls and run a fine product along the hair shaft to control frizz.

3.    Leave Your Curly Hair Alone

After styling, avoid touching or using your hair to avoid ruining the results. Managing your curly hair will inevitably result in frizz, flyaways, and knots.

Common Concerns For Wavy Hairs

More than straight hair, curly or wavy hair has a natural tendency towards dryness. This is because a strand of straight hair allows the natural oils produced by your scalp to flow down much more easily than curly hair.

How To Deal With Dryness?

Curly hair is more prone to dandruff than straight hair. 

•    Use sulfate-free shampoo: This is because regular shampoo can cause hair cuticles to lift and strip moisture, which is exactly the opposite of what curly-haired women want.
•    Don't use hot tools: Limit your use of hot tools and chemical treatments that can damage the cuticle layer of your hair. If necessary, apply a heat-protectant styling product before use.

How To Reduce Frizz?

Curly hair often gets frizzy because it doesn't get enough natural oils to moisturize each strand of hair. It gets worse when it is humid. This is due to the fact that water is absorbed by the hair fibers, forcing the strand back into its curly structure.

Dry your hair using a T-shirt instead of a traditional terrycloth towel, which absorbs moisture too quickly and generates static electricity. Use the "pulping" method after a shower and curl a cloth over your head. Reduce drying time and enhance your natural waves and curls using this no-heat technique.

After styling your hair, avoid touching it with your hands or a brush. Frizzy hair will be encouraged or messed with.

How To Make Shine Better?

•    Even smooth surfaces have the highest gloss levels. It instantly damages people with wavy hair. The more hair is damaged, the more shine it loses, making it look dull.
•    Rinse with cold water. You may have heard other curlies recommend this technique, and for good reason. When you wash your hair with cold water, your hair cuticle lies flat and reflects more light.
•    Stay hydrated—although it may seem obvious, keeping your body hydrated will also help keep your hair moisturized.


If you're blessed with naturally curly hair, you might be the envy of everyone around you. Other hair types crave the beautiful volume and texture that comes with naturally wavy hair. But whether you opt for a sleek, straight look or embrace your beachy waves, you're probably just as annoying as your curly-haired sisters.

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