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Tips to Decorate Your Home with Christmas Garland

A Christmas wreath is a length of arranged greenery that is usually about 9 feet long and is decorated with pinecones, berries, decorations, and lights. It can be a string of beads, a crescent of scattered jewels, or even a piece of glittering tinsel.

Garland may appear as a basic decoration, but when you hang, tie or string it around the house, the result is almost magical.

Garland is commonly seen covering front doors, strung around stair banisters, and hanging over fireplace mantels, but it can also shine in unexpected places.

Here are some unique and beautiful ideas to decorate your home with Christmas garland this year.

Christmas Table Topper

As a table runner, run artificial garland along the length of your dining table rather than down the center. That way, every visitor will see Christmas greenery. A simple form, such as an unadorned garland with a few votive lamps or lanterns, can be used. Opt for a festive garland adorned with stunning ornaments, ribbons, and berries. A pre-lit garland or string of fairy lights can add a warm glow to your beautiful Christmas tablescape.

Cabinet Decoration

Is there a large gap between the top of your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling? Fill it with luxurious pre-lit garlands that are embellished with extra glitter and glamorous decorations. Tuck in a few small lanterns, golden reindeer or other woodland creatures, Christmas village items, angel furniture, cute little gnomes, or tabletop trees, and you've got a Christmas look worthy of your favorite home improvement program.

Frame The Window

Why should all the fun be with a Christmas wreath outside your home? In decorated areas of your home, such as the living room, family room, and dining room, wrap garland around the top and sides of window frames. You will be surprised by how much more festive and complete this place looks. Instead of a green garland, add some seasonal flair with a garland of bright, scattered jewels.

Apply A Mirror Border

The same Christmas wreath frame that lights up your interior windows also lights up mirrors in your bathroom, entry hall, or above your fireplace mantel with a bonus. Reflections enhance the beauty of your decor!

Glam Chandelier

Decorating the halls with pine garland - and light fixtures - is a classic look, but there are many other options for artificial garland. When strung with a chandelier or pendant light, the beads add extra sparkle and shine. Gold, silver, or metals in a rainbow of colors are ideal. There are also necklaces with seasonal elements, such as snowflakes or Christmas bells.

Drape From The Rafters

Christmas garland is a beautiful and unexpected way to highlight architectural features such as ceiling beams. Just remember to keep the proportions in mind. A feather style is suitable for thin beams, while a luxurious bead is suitable for beefy beams. For a truly festive look, string garland along each beam or crosswise from beam to beam.


Despite its simplicity, artificial Christmas garland is a highly versatile decoration. A simple garland can go a long way toward adding a wonderful finishing touch to your holiday decor.

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