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The 5 Baby Toys Every Home Should Have

A baby’s first year is full of learning and fun. Babies learn about their environment, how to move and how to interact with others. When taking care of your infant, it is important to give them toys that will help them develop their motor skills, stimulate their minds and keep them busy. This will help them grow up healthy and happy.

As parents, we want our children to have the best—so when it comes to baby toys, we think giving them everything they need is important. Even though babies don’t know the difference between brands and styles at such an early age, parents do—and that’s why this list of five baby toys every home should have was created in the first place!

1.    Activity Walker

Parents need to provide their little ones with a safe place to exercise and explore, which is where the activity walker comes in. It provides a suitable surface for babies just learning how to pull themselves up, and as they grow older, it's good for aiding them in strengthening their legs. Activity walkers also help promote coordination and balance, so your baby can safely learn how to move on their own. 

2.    Balls

Brightly colored balls are a fun way to teach young children hand-eye coordination and recognition. Babies are often startled by the sounds balls make, such as rattling, jingling, squeaking, or clacking. These toys promote sensory development and will be valuable in their development of spatial awareness. 

3.    Soft Toys

Kids love soft toys because they can have their own fun without anything but their imagination. Plus, if you ever want to make a quick escape, you can just sling your doll over your shoulder and be on your way. Toddlers like to take things apart and see how they work (it may not seem like a big deal when it's only one toy, but it's annoying when every toy is disassembled). Soft toys are essential baby items because they are great for cuddling while children go through that major separation anxiety phase. And as toddlers get older, soft toys become comforting friends as well. 

They can help children express emotions or talk about something bothering them in a safer and more familiar way than talking with an adult or another child. Soft toys are also very affordable and easy to find at most department stores. Moreover, they can be washed easily by tossing them into the washing machine or hand-washing them gently in the sink. When selecting a soft toy, look for ones with no small parts or areas where pieces could come off (which makes it safer for little hands to play with).

4.    Pacifiers

Pacifiers are the most popular baby toy for a reason! Not only do they soothe babies, but they also act as a natural security object soothing to most infants. They can also be used as an anti-nausea device during or after pregnancy. Additionally, pacifiers are convenient because they don't need to be sterilized and can be used without worry, even if you have pets at home. If your child's getting too old for pacifiers, try using it as a teether.

5.    Socks

This might be a funny suggestion, but socks are one of the best things you can have around when you are a new parent. It might seem like an inconsequential item, but they provide comfort to the infant and the parents. They can even be used as toys by putting them over your hands and wiggling them, engaging the baby.


Even though the list of top baby toys is narrowed down to five, this does not mean that these are the only toys that should be purchased. As every child is different, some may have preferences for certain types of toys. These are simply suggestions to help parents who don't know where to start when shopping for their little ones.

Beth Norris

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