Perfect Places in the US To Take Unforgettable Landscape Photos

Having the right landscape photography equipment can make all the difference in capturing the perfect shot. However, no matter how expensive your camera or how great your equipment is, you’ll never be able to capture an unforgettable landscape photo without understanding the essential elements of composition, such as perspective and depth of field. After you’ve got those concepts down, you can focus on finding that perfect location to take your next breathtaking photo. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, check out these five places in the US that are perfect for gorgeous landscape photos.

●    Death Valley National Park, California

Death Valley is considered to be one of America’s most visited parks. Approximately three million people every year make their way out to Death Valley National Park. There are many reasons why so many people travel across the country and make a vacation out of visiting Death Valley. Still, some of the main reasons that so many tourists fall in love with Death Valley include The beautiful landscapes, lots of desert animals, perfect photo ops opportunities, great weather (if you go during a cooler time), and hot spring pools. Visitors who have never been to Death Valley have found it hard to believe just how beautiful everything is; however, those who have visited before can vouch that it’s more impressive than they had ever imagined.

●    Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Crater Lake National Park is home to a breathtakingly blue lake in southern Oregon. Backdrop your photos with one of its 700-foot tall volcanoes or take a hike on one of many trails leading to panoramic views of Cascade mountain ranges. The park has just one road going through it, so you must drive 22 miles out of your way when ready to leave. But that won’t be a problem since you’ll likely want more photo opportunities on your drive. Not sure how long you should stay? Well, Crater Lake is so famous that there are only 865 campsites and spots fill up quickly—reservations are required if you plan to camp overnight.

●    Badlands National Park, South Dakota

According to National Geographic, Badlands National Park is one of America's most iconic landscapes. Its dramatic spires and buttes were formed by erosion and weathering by wind and water over hundreds of thousands of years. You can get a different perspective on Badlands National Park if you hike to Tunnel Mountain and then drive to an overlook for an incredible panoramic view of a 300-foot cliff above White River Valley. Don't be surprised if you're joined by hundreds of other photographers at sunrise or sunset on any given day: it's that popular.

●    Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

The Great Sand Dunes National Park is a place of its own. You can reach it with a four-wheel drive vehicle that will take you to a height of 14,000 feet above sea level, from which you have fantastic views over nearby mountains. The sand dunes are located at an altitude of more than 7200 feet and are estimated to be around 12 million years old. If you’re looking for great light, shadow, and overall exciting landscape photo opportunities, look no further than here!

●    Yosemite National Park, California

Few places can match Yosemite National Park for sheer grandeur. The park has gigantic sequoia trees, sheer cliffs towering above raging rivers, and almost unimaginably deep valleys. While you might be itching to walk amongst it all, remember that Yosemite is one of America’s busiest national parks—and visitors aren’t always respectful of nature’s splendor. The best way to capture Yosemite without interfering with it is from afar—whether by capturing a crisp shot of Half Dome from Glacier Point or crafting a panoramic view showing off several nearby mountains at once. 


Whether you're a professional looking for your next perfect shot, or just an amateur with a camera who wants to capture some stunning photos, these places are ideal for exploiting your wildest wanderlust. The opportunity is all yours—just pack your camera and get going!

Beth Norris

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