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Most Watched Reality TV Shows in 2022 In the US

The genre of reality television continues to be one of the most popular on services like HBO, Netflix, CBS, MTV, and Discovery+. This Halloween season, these platforms are adding a tonne of fascinating games. What could be a funnier way to celebrate Halloween than with romantic, funny, and spooky reality TV shows? 

An uncontrollable guilty delight for many of us. Reality TV shows are entertaining because they incorporate a variety of genres, including drama, comedy, horror, and others. The icing on the reality TV cake is seeing real people experience surreal circumstances. 

Amazing Reality TV Shows

Following is the list of most liked TV reality shows:

1.    The Real Love Boat

The Love Boat, a beloved 1977 television show about a love rivalry, is back. The Real Love Boat, a new version of the program, will air on CBS. Singles will be traveling on a real Princess boat in the most beautiful locations for the reality TV show to discover true love. 

They will be given enjoyable tasks that will put their chemistry to the test and, perhaps, plant the seeds of a charming romance. The humorous and smitten hosts of the program will be Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell.

2.    My Mom, Your Dad

This new dating program is for you if you don't think becoming engaged in your parents' romantic relationships would be the most embarrassing thing ever. My Mom, Your Dad, is a Bachelor in Paradise for an older audience in terms of the contestants who are adults. They have no idea that their children are spying on them when they date and orchestrating circumstances to bring them closer or keep them away from their dates.

3.    Selling the Hamptons

The realtors from Discovery+'s Selling Sunset ripoff may be recognizable to you from Netflix's brief Million Dollar Beach House. As they advertise mansions in the well-known East Coast vacation destination of the Hamptons during a market boom that resulted in record-high sales, the agents of Nest Seekers International crank up the drama for this show.

4.    Love Off the Grid

This brand-new dating program, modeled after 90 Day Fiancé, will investigate if love can endure in primitive environments. Four typical person homesteaders, or those who live off the grid without running water or electricity, move in with their significant others. Will the couples' drastically different lifestyles cause them to split up, or will they prosper in their new situations?

5.    Snowflake Mountain

In Snowflake Mountain, there is a lot of boomer humor, but there is also enough schadenfreude to amuse a larger audience. On a wilderness retreat, a group of naive young adults is forced to learn how to survive without the contemporary luxuries to which they have been accustomed. 

The show genuinely provides in-depth insight into its participants and why they are the way they are, despite its somewhat cringe-worthy concept. However, the majority of spectators tuned in for the dramatic eruptions from the snowflakes, and the show is nothing more amusing than making fun of others.

6.    Love is blind 

Known for its fan-favorite cast members and dramatic revelations, the original Love is blind aimed to repeat its success with Love is blind: Japan. Even though they have never met, single people who want to get married meet others and eventually become engaged. By eliminating the aesthetic element from dating, the format was given a novel twist, and viewers appeared to be drawn to the program. 

Little of the format was altered for the Japanese version, and viewers instead got to watch how the rigorous restrictions of the series were used to filter the traditional Japanese dating practice. Love is Blind: Japan was equally visually stunning and captivating to watch as its Western counterpart.

7.    Tidying up with Marie Kondo

People who lead busy lives occasionally end up in messy homes where stuff accumulates over time. Marie Kondo, a renowned organizing expert, aims to assist people in decluttering their homes and lives in this series. 

Kondo supports her customers in purging the clutter and choosing joy in a series of motivational home renovations, whether they are stressed-out couples with small children or retired couples learning how to reclaim their space.


Women between the ages of 18 and 34 make up the main reality TV audience. This suggests that more than half of the audience for soap operas undoubtedly enjoys watching reality television programs more than soap operas. So, we’ve listed reality TV shows for you to enjoy.

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