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Most Exciting Indoor Games When It’s Raining Outside

Another gloomy or chilly day? Rainy days are awesome, but they can make you stuck in your house. In this situation, you can play a lot of games. We can see you there: the clock is moving more slowly than normal, your kids are wiggling restlessly on the couch, and you are at a loss for what to do. You're at the correct place, then. With this list of the top indoor games you haven't yet tried, we've got your back.

Fun-full Indoor Games When It's Raining Outside

1.    Magical Mama (or Papa)

Be the Harry Houdini of your children, but without the locks, chains, and water tanks. Simply shuffle the three cups after placing a penny under one of them. Next, have the kids guess which cup contains the coin. Cunning parents can set the cups at a table's edge and covertly drop the coin. Watch the wonder in your children's eyes as they discover the coin is lost.

2.    Cards game 

Young minds can be stimulated, and hours of indoor entertainment can be had by playing card games. Check out some of our favorite old-fashioned card games and get a pack of cards.

3.    Puzzles

A good puzzle is a fantastic method to develop your imagination, cognitive ability, and problem-solving skills. Draw a picture with your kids on a piece of sturdy cardboard or Bristol board. 

After that, immediately on their drawing, outline the puzzle pieces with a pencil. With a decent pair of scissors, separate the pieces mix them up, and start solving. 

4.    Hide and seek 

Hide and Seek would be absent from any list of indoor games, wouldn't it? The other players in this classic game hide while the "It" player covers his or her eyes and counts aloud. Upon reaching the end of the count, "It" starts searching for the hiders. The following "It" is the final hider discovered. Beware: this game frequently causes bouts of laughter. 

Families with older kids might wish to step things up and play a game of "Hide and Seek" at night. Make sure there are no loose objects on the floor, just to be safe. Allow "It" to carry a flashlight if you choose, or when "It" has finished counting, switch on the lights.

5.    Scrabble/ Boggle

Scrabble and Boggle are enjoyable word-building games where you can earn points for the length of your word or the number of words you can locate. They assist your child's vocabulary to grow, and the competition itself is engaging enough for them to continue learning new terms.

6.    Pictionary

Draw a word on the board and ask your teammates to guess it. More points are awarded if they receive it more quickly. The winning team is the one with the most points, in the end. The majority of the time, bad drawing abilities enhance the fun of the game.

7.    20 Question 

You must come up with a famous person, book, or movie; then, your opponent must ask you 20 questions to try and guess the name. Answers to the questions must be either yes or no. No, you cannot directly inquire about the response.

8.    Treasure Hunt 

When there is a reward at the end, kids especially like uncovering concealed objects. Simply jot down your hints on a few scraps of paper and be inventive. Place the first clue in a convenient location, such as your child's cereal or snack bowl. After that, scatter as many hints as you want throughout the house, creating a path leading to the last one. 

The treasure hunt may result in finding different coins throughout the house rather than a reward. The children will eventually be able to gather all the coins and deposit them in their piggy banks in this manner.

9.    Uno

Family favorite Uno is entertaining and takes concentration. It's excellent for rainy nights. You should take some safety measures to make sure that everyone is safe now that you have a good concept of what to do when you and your child are at home. 

For instance, mosquitoes and other flying insects are most active during monsoon evenings. Therefore, you must make sure the house is bug-free to shield youngsters from bites that could be severe. To prevent these annoyances from disrupting the game, we advise using the Goodnight Gold Flash System.


Chess, Ludo, snakes, ladders, table tennis, scrabble, Uno, and carrom are a few of the common indoor games. But we’ve listed other so many exciting games that can change your boring raining day to an exciting day.

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