iOS 16 Is Live Now: What Are Its Features?

Apple revealed its major annual operating system updates during its June 6 WWDC address. iOS is the most important OS upgrade because the iPhone is Apple's biggest and most important platform and the favorite operating system of its users. After iOS 15 was well received in 2021, more new features were expected to be added, and iOS 16 did not disappoint.

In this article, we'll explain what there is to know about iOS 16 and how it will change how you use your iPhone. We'll discuss iOS 16's new features, user interface improvements, and how to get an early beta version of the new update.

IOS 16 Is Out Now!

On September 12, 2022, at 10 am, the release officially began. Apple finally announced iOS 16 after months of beta testing (along with tv OS 16 and watchOS 9). Should you update it immediately? To guide you in dealing with this problem, we offer a guideline. Also, note that later versions will include some iOS 16 features.

How to Install IOS 16?

We recommend backing up your iPhone before installing iOS 16. This will be easier if you use iCloud. Select iCloud from Settings by tapping your name at the top. Tap iCloud Backup there to turn it on. Then, select Backup now to start a new backup. On the previous iCloud page, you can toggle the presence of certain apps in the backup if you don't want them. 

You can find more solutions in our article on how to back up your iPhone if you don't have enough iCloud space or prefer another method. After completing this, you can now install iOS 16. You should charge your iPhone or iPad because this is a huge update. 

Next, verify that your devices are connected to Wi-Fi. Click Settings > General > Software Update Next. The option to install the update must be available. Select "Download" then "Install."

IOS 16 Features

You can add apps to the home screen and further customize its appearance with iOS 16. The battery % indicator is also back, and the notification box has been improved. Apple also revealed brand-new features during its September presentation, including satellite emergency calls and an Always-On Display. 

You can check the detailed list of iOS 16 features below.

1.    iCloud Shared Photo Library

A shared photo library on iCloud is one of the most anticipated functions of iOS 16. Sharing albums with family members has been possible for some time. But many people have long wished for a library where photos and videos of all family members are automatically uploaded. 

2.    Emergency SOS Via Satellite

If you're out of range of Wi-Fi or cell towers, you can send an instant emergency text via satellite, which is one of the best new features of the iPhone 14 (both regular and Pro). Even simple messages can take up to a minute to send, so it's slow, but in an outdoor emergency, it might just save your life.

3.    Live Activities

The Live Activity feature in iOS 16 is designed to improve the aesthetics of alerts, especially when it comes to monitoring live event progress. You can monitor the progress of activity in live time without being overwhelmed by tons of notifications, whether it's a soccer match, an Uber ride, or a sporting event.

4.    Live Text

iOS 16 improves voice dictation, so your iPhone can detect what you say on paper. Apple has also made Live Text a better function. It can understand the text shown in the video for simple copy and pasting. The camera feature of the translation app works in the same way. 

5.    Apple Map

According to an Apple announcement, the capabilities of the new Maps app that was introduced a few months ago will continue to expand with iOS 16. We're talking about the Around View Tool, which helps you view a community or block in 3D to get the best view possible. 

6.    Game Center Features

Game Center will soon support Share Play, allowing you to just start playing a game during a FaceTime conversation. It will connect with people so you can quickly and efficiently view the Game Center profiles of all your contacts in the Contacts app. 

7.    Battery Percent Indicator

The long iPhone battery percentage is finally back in iOS 16. The battery indicator now shows the % correct figure instead of a graphical representation. The restartable % indicator was deleted by Apple from the iPhone X to make room for the irreplaceable sign. 


When you first update to iOS 16, even though it has a lot of new features. So, nothing Apple reveals at WWDC will be available for your iPhone. Some don't work on earlier iPhone models. They will be available in iOS 16.1, 16.2, or possibly later this year. In this article, we have told you about the features of iOS 16.

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