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In-House Activities To Keep Your Child Away From Screen

Children are relying more on screens as a result of the pandemic, reducing participation in outdoor activities over the past year. So, if you want to limit your kids' screen time, indoor activities for kids can save the day by having fun and sparking their imagination at the same time.

Do your kids spend most of their time at home watching television or playing video games?

According to several studies, myopia and other health problems have become more common due to increased screen use and less outdoor activity. Keep reading to learn about easy indoor activities for kids that you can plan with little effort. So let's enjoy ourselves indoors!

Indoor Creative & Entertainment Activities for Children’s

You can easily organize an indoor play party for your kids to keep them busy and entertained without using electronic devices. Some of the indoor kids’ activities are listed here.

1.    Indoor Activities for Kids: Bake and Decorate

You can teach your kids how to bake during indoor play. Your kids are sure to be piqued with whipped cream, vibrant sprinkles, and delicious cookie dough.

To make this indoor pastime more entertaining for your kids, organize a small baking and decorating competition. Divide your kids into two teams, and while you act as the judge, let them cook and decorate to create delicious dishes. Also, announce a small prize to add some competition to the contest.

2.    In-house Camping

Do your kids long for nights spent camping? Then you can bring the whole outdoor camping experience indoors for your kids. This kid-friendly indoor fun takes some work, but it will keep your kids entertained for hours.

Things Required for an In-House Camping

•    Tents
•    Sleeping bags
•    Glowing stickers
•    And lots of snacks

Instructions for Indoor Camping

•    First, make room in your room. Place the coffee table and other living room furniture elsewhere, and push the sofas against the walls.
•    Place the tent and sleeping bag in this designated area of your room.
•    To create an outdoor atmosphere, turn off all the lights and put twinkling star stickers on your ceiling.
•    You can also invite your kids' friends or have a family camping night with lots of delicious treats.

3.    Tissue Box Monster

Create a craft room in your home where your kids can complete fun DIY projects if you want to inspire their creativity. The Tissue Box Monster teaches youngsters how to make the most of their waste while providing them with a ton of indoor fun!

Things Required for a Tissue Box Monster

•    Empty tissue boxes
•    Acrylic colors 
•    Craft knives
•    Google eyes
•    Glue stick
•    Popsicle stick

Intrusions to Make a Tissue Box Monster

•    Take an empty tissue box and remove all the lining from the inside.
•    Paint the tissue box any color you like.
•    After painting the box with white acrylic paint, apply your favorite color on top.
•    Using a craft knife, draw a mouth shape around the opening of the tissue box.
•    Glue the Popsicle stick to the box with the googly eyes.
•    Encourage your child to use their imagination to decorate it with pom-poms, googly eyes, pointed paper fangs, and other accessories to give it more personality.

4.    Makeover Party

Nothing will make your young princess happier than giving her a makeover if you want to organize an indoor play party for her. Allow her to use her old makeup or buy her a small makeup kit. This indoor activity is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your teenage daughters and find out what's new in their lives.

Planning a Makeover Party

•    On your vanity table, spread out all your old makeup supplies.
•    Allow your child to make his magical transformation.
•    You can have fun with your girls and make many new memories while doing all this makeup.

Remember to take some pictures!


Great indoor activities can help both entertain and educate your kids. Your child should be allowed to explore new things, and their creativity should be stimulated through indoor activities. This way, they will be away from the screens and experience something new and creative.

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