How To Do Eyes Makeup Like A Pro

Eye makeup is something that can make you look more attractive. However, some people are really afraid of using it. They feel intimidated by the thought of putting on eye makeup and don't know how to do it properly. It is understandable, since putting on eye makeup involves a lot of work; if it isn't done properly, it can look unpleasant. Makeup often focuses on the eyes. Learning how to do your face is a great start because they usually have the most contrast and detail.

But many people fear using eye makeup because they don't know how or where to begin. From pencils and gels to brushes and palettes, there are many options. And once you get started, you'll quickly discover that there's no limit to what you can do with your eyes!

Why Eyes Makeup Seems Cool?

The eyes are the window to the soul. It is the only part of our body that we can see without looking in a mirror. It is the first thing people notice when they look at you, which speaks volumes about your personality and moods.

The eyes are often the most prominent feature on a person's face, and overall facial expressions can be conveyed by their eyes alone. For this reason, eye makeup has become an integral part of many women's daily beauty routines.

The color of your eyes depends on the amount of melanin present in them: brown eyes contain more melanin than blue or green ones, which means they are darker in color and have less contrast between their iris and pupil. Brown-eyed people have a wider range of eye colors than blue- or green-eyed ones because brown eyes have more pigment than blue or green ones; therefore, brown eyes come in various shades ranging from a light hazel to deep chocolate brown to almost black.

When applying makeup, you may feel you don't have the right skills or time to devote to it. However, there are many easy ways to improve your look without spending hours in front of a mirror or spending a lot of money on expensive products. If you're looking for an easy way to make yourself look more attractive or want tips on doing your makeup like a pro, this article is for you!

Tips To Do Perfect Eye MakeUp

Here are some tips for getting started with eye makeup:

1.    Practice On Yourself First

If you've never used an eyeliner before, try practicing on your hands first to know exactly how much pressure is needed and how long it takes for the product to dry. This way, when you apply it to your eyes, you'll know exactly what you're doing and which tools work best for you.

2.    Keep Things Simple At First

If you're starting with eye makeup, don't go overboard immediately; keep things simple by applying only one or two colors simultaneously. Once you've mastered those, you can start experimenting with multiple colors and more complex looks. Don't forget about your eyebrows! When applying eye makeup, don't forget to take care of your eyebrows. If they're already full and thick, use a brow pencil to fill in any gaps or sparse areas lightly; if they're light or sparsely haired, use an eyeliner instead.

3.    Don't Overthink It

It doesn't matter how you apply eye makeup; it comes down to personal preference! Find a technique that works for you, then stick with it.

Ensure your skin is clean, moisturized, and primed before applying any products — this will help prevent irritation and keep your eyeshadow from creasing throughout the day.

If you want an easy look that takes minimal effort but still looks polished, start by lining your upper lash line with a gel liner (like Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion). This will help define and separate your lower lashes and upper lid. Then, take a small amount of cream eyeshadow and apply it all over your top, making sure to blend well. Now that you have the base of your look set up, it's time to move on to highlighting!

4.    Use A Primer!

Primers help your eyeshadow stay in place all day long without creasing or fading away. They also make blending eyeshadows easier since they create a smooth surface to blend into without adding too much color. For applying eyeshadow, you should use a brush or your fingers. If you're using a brush, pick one with soft bristles, so it doesn't pull at your delicate eye area. Start by applying the darker shade of your crease color all over the outer edges of your lid from the top down. Then, apply the lighter shade onto the center parts of your cover and blend in well. Once this is done, use an angled brush to apply some highlighter onto the inner corners of both eyes while also brushing over them lightly with a matte white cream shadow (like L'Oréal Paris Infallible Eye Shadow in Fresh White).


You can use numerous things to aid you if you make a mistake. And after you learn how to apply various eye makeup products, it just takes practice. To avoid messing up your eyeliner or your shadow, heed the advice our expert provided above.

Beth Norris

Beth Norris has years of experience working with top cosmetic and skincare brands for years  which reflects in her blogs which are packed with beauty and skincare tips. She has amassed a big following over the years, who wait for her content anxiously.