Exclusive Tech and Gadgets to Gift on Christmas 2022

Giving gifts can be tricky, especially when they involve tech items. You may not be familiar with the technology items your current recipient already has because everyone has different preferences. But that doesn't mean you should avoid giving your loved one a tech gift.

Since there are so many more tech gifts available than just phones and computers, we're here to help get the best tech products with Christmas discounts. 

Gadget and Tech Gift Items to Buy for Christmas 2022

Check out some of our favorites, including gadgets and everyday necessities that many people wouldn't think of buying themselves.

Oblio Wireless Charger & UV Cleaner 37% Off

This wireless bucket charges a Qi-enabled smartphone and, as it charges, bathes the smartphone in UV light to kill any bacteria it's picked up through texts, emails, and streams throughout the day. The product is available on Amazon with a 37% discount.

Oura Ring Generation 3

The ring accurately tracks heart rate, sleep cycles, and activity, then offers insights and suggestions based on that. It's one of the best health wearables—and that's saying something—to be released in recent years. It's an engineering feat for how stealthy it is.

Draft Pour Beer Dispenser

Draft beer is preferable. Fizzics has come up with a solution that allows anyone to serve their favorite beer on tap, ideally at home, on the kitchen counter.

Apollo Wi-Fi Mini Projector

So wherever they go — the jungle, the beach, the Himalayas — the MCU, House of the Dragon, or Real Housewives are also there. 

Smart Writing Set

When you have a pen and paper, you can think of brilliant ideas more easily. And when these ideas are transferred from pen and paper to digital gadgets, genius will become commonplace.

Audio Sunglasses

Bose frames combine sunglasses and wireless headphones to ease the stress on a sunny day. Shades (which are available in two varieties) block the rays, while the frames include tiny speakers that invisibly transmit the music in your ears to anyone nearby.

Tech Gift Subscription Box

Finally, there's a cool, life-hacking subscription box full of items for the home, food, and health that will surprise your incredible best friend for a month or a year. Last season's kit included the Amber Smart Mug and LARQ bottle. To see what tech-related items will be included in the upcoming box. (Spoiler alert: WFH has a seriously cool little posture training gizmo.)

Smart Moon Lamp

They've seen some pretty cool technology and gadgets, but nothing compares to the real moon. So let them seize it. On cloudy, moonlit nights, it will come alive.

AirPods Max

Nothing can keep the wearer from their favorite podcast or music with advanced active noise cancellation, no cords, and memory foam cushions. And Apple's slick design aesthetic is unbeatable.

ThermoPro TempSpike Wireless Meat Thermometer

This Bluetooth-enabled wireless meat thermometer, which provides the specific temperature of their steak or sirloin as well as the ambient pit temperature, will be used by meat lovers and grill enthusiasts alike. Additionally, consumers can receive notifications directly to their phones, guaranteeing that they always have perfectly cooked meat.

HP Sprocket Select Photo Printer

Use the HP Sprocket Portable Printer to preserve your favorite memories and photos. This portable printer easily connects to a laptop or phone for printing, making it perfect for a scrapbook or keepsake master.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones, 700

For the most part, everyone needs a pair of noise-canceling headphones. This updated model from Bose has a microphone, so they can use it for calls and 20 hours of battery life.

Loftie Smart Alarm Clock

A good, deep night's sleep is the perfect gift, and the Loftie Clock has all the features they'll need for sweet dreams. Along with working as an alarm clock, it also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and white noise generator that plays their favorite evening music and guides them through guided meditation.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2, Metallic

The smart mug will ensure that their coffee never gets cold, as it can keep it hot for up to 1.5 hours by itself or for longer when placed on the charging coaster. They can also use an app to set the ideal temperature.

Celestron Travel Scope, 70

With this portable refractor telescope from Celestron, you can see the stars in stunning detail. The 20-mm and 10-mm eyepieces enable users to observe celestial views both day and night, and the large 70-mm objective lens captures a brighter, better view.


The latest technological innovations always make great gifts, even for those who are impossible to buy. Why? Whatever their hobbies, there is always something available to suit their enjoyment. Knowing that everyone has different tastes, preferences, and personalities, we found a variety of tech gifts. Experience a better way to shop with great discounts and deals on every item.

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