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Easy Way To Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel For New Year 2022

If you have a fireplace in your home or apartment, you have valuable New Year decorating real estate. A cursory glance at social media or a recent holiday-themed television commercial proves that your fireplace mantel is second only to your Christmas tree in the New Year decorating rankings.

The mantle is a long, narrow and relatively small space, which can cause some difficulties.

Whether you've decorated a fireplace mantel effectively in the past, failed miserably, or are a mantel decorating novice, we've got some New Year mantel decorating tips and techniques for you.

Make A Design Plan

Follow the advice of professional decorators and don't start decorating without planning. Choose a theme, style, or color palette, and consider what can serve as your "signature item" or main focal point.

If your New Year tree is near the fireplace, consider whether you want to coordinate your mantel decorations.

Getting Started

Clean and wash the mantle to start with a clean slate. Is there anything hanging over the fireplace? Is it staying or will you be storing it for the holidays?

New Year wreaths can be used to replace a sign, artwork, or mirror above the fireplace, or they can be hung directly above it.

Collect Your Decorations

Now is the time to "browse" your existing decor for the elements you want to place on the mantel. Gather anything you believe you will need. Few things are mentioned below:

•    Garland
•    Lights
•    Candles
•    Ornaments
•    Ribbons and bows

Decorate Your Mantel In 6 Easy Steps

1.    Begin With A Bang

The garland is usually the largest ornament on the mantle, so it should be the first thing you put down. To keep their garland from "flopping" at the end of the season, some people string it with removable hooks along the mantle top.

There are many ways to hang garlands.

•    Place it down the length of the mantle, with the tips hanging down at either end.
•    Tuck it firmly under the edge of the mantle.
•    Wrap it in wide strips across the chimney from two or more anchor points.
•    Don't worry if you don't have a mantle. A wreath frame around your fireplace is just as beautiful.

2.    Turn Vertical

Next, arrange to decorate your large and tall fireplace mantel. Candles, one or two, or something wide, such as a sleigh or train decorated with a tabletop decoration piece, can be used. Be a decoration in and out of greenery, some in front, and some in back. This adds depth and prevents the bead from overpowering your arrangement.

3.    Reduce The Size

Mix in medium and small mantel designs, varying the height levels. To increase visual impact, try clustering similar objects of different sizes.

4.    Add Some Texture

Depending on the style and theme of your New Year mantel decorations, add texture with pine cones, bows and feather trees. Flower picks and sprays, which come in a variety of styles, also provide interest. Fill in the gaps with everything from twigs to crimson berries to golden branches covered in tiny gold stars. Soften the look with plummy greens, feather or fur trim, and plush animals.

5.    Add Some Glitz

Your New Year fireplace mantle, just like your favorite holiday outfit, deserves a little sparkle! To brighten up your mantel arrangement, scatter crystal candlesticks, glass ornaments, or metallic tabletop and mantel decorations. A mirror above the fireplace enhances the brightness.

6.    Don't Forget About The Fireplace

A giant reindeer figure, a colorful nutcracker, a wooden Santa, a trio of hurricane lamps, a cluster of flaming candles in the firebox, and even a wooden New Year make your eyes travel and fill. Invites to appreciate the fireplace, not just the mantle.

Some Points to Consider

•    Decorations of the same height arranged in a row along the mantel will look monotonous. Add some tall mantel decorations instead of adding dimension and visually "scoop" your fireplace mantel or New Year art into the arrangement. Alternatively, hang a notice and place the wreath immediately on the mantel.
•    When decorating a fireplace mantel, try to balance rather than balance. Place a pair of tall silver candles on one end of the mantel and a hurricane lamp on the other.
•    If you have a working fireplace, avoid hanging or hanging stockings and decorations in front of the firebox, or move it to a safer location while the fireplace is operating.


New Year decorations are a wonderful and magical part of the season. You can add your fireplace mantel to your home's festive makeover with little effort and ease.

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