Easy Tips To Prepare For Hurricane Ian

As we all know, the US is facing hurricanes these days, and many areas are going into massive destruction. Nothing was left behind except sorrow and grief. If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, you need to know how to prepare for an emergency. 

You should always be prepared for a natural disaster, but hurricane season can present additional challenges in terms of timing and preparation. If a storm is predicted, make sure you have plenty of food and water on hand—and don't forget about your pets! 

Steps To Prepare For Hurricane Ian

There are a total of 119 confirmed deaths in Florida due to Hurricane Ian. Before it increases, you must take some precautionary measures. Here are some steps to follow before and during the storm:

1.    Inspect Your Property

If you haven't already done so, inspect your home for any potential damage that may result from Hurricane Ian. Be sure all windows and doors are secure to prevent wind from coming in and causing damage. 

Check the roof of your home for any signs of deterioration or damage; if necessary, have it replaced before Ian arrives. The yard should be clear of debris that could be picked up by strong winds during the storm: fallen branches, lawn furniture, etc. 

2.    Plan For Emergencies

This Hurricane Ian reaches the 4th strongest category. It breaks all previous records. In the event of a hurricane, it's important to be prepared. This means having a plan and knowing how to respond to an emergency.

A good place to start is with your family—make sure everyone knows what they're supposed to do if there's a storm. Discussing potential risks and safe places, like shelters or relatives' houses, can help everyone feel more prepared when it comes time for action. 

And don't forget about pets! Make sure you know where your pet may stay during a storm so that no one will accidentally leave them behind in the dark during evacuation procedures.

Don't forget about yourself, either: make sure you have enough supplies for yourself and loved ones for at least three days of self-sufficiency without electricity or running water (think food and water). Having extra food on hand will help if stores are closed during an evacuation order; keep any perishable items in coolers with ice packs so they won't spoil.

3.    Check Your Supplies

Many Hurricanes Ian affected people who are starving due to lack of food. It's a good idea to check the expiration date of your medications and food. You may need to replace them if they're going to expire in the next couple of weeks.

Check your first aid kit: does it have all of your supplies? Are you missing any bandages, gauze, or pain relievers? Is there enough antiseptic cream for cuts and scrapes?

Do you have any extra foil blankets or space blankets for heat emergencies? If you don't have these things on hand yet, now is a great time to get some!

4.    Prepare Your Home

As the storm approaches, it's important to make sure your home is secure and prepared for the worst. A few steps you can take to prepare your home include:

•    Make sure the windows are properly sealed and fitted with storm shutters, if necessary.
•    Having a generator ready in case of power outages.
•    Having enough food and water stored in case you lose electricity or cannot leave the house easily (e.g., during high tides).
•    Ensuring that any other members of your family who may be at home have adequate supplies as well (including pets!).

5.    Take Special Precautions If You Have A Boat Or RV

If you have a boat or RV, make sure that it's in a safe place. If the storm is predicted to be severe, secure it with straps and chains to trees or sturdy poles. Make sure your boat doesn't get swept into power lines or other debris during the storm—this can cause electrical hazards and start fires.

Also make sure that if you need to evacuate because of flooding, your car has enough fuel for your trip out of town (and possibly back again).


In conclusion, preparing for a hurricane can be a daunting task. However, it is also something that you should never take lightly. If you follow these easy tips, then you will be well on your way to being prepared!

Beth Norris

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