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DIY Wall Décor Ideas To Make Your Space Fresh

Are you looking for ideas for new wall décor for your space? The options behind those blank walls are endless, and a few upgrades might transform a house into a home. Regardless of your preferences, we have methods to accentuate your walls and highlight your individuality. You can display the things you cherish on your walls, whether you're an art collector, reader, or lover of nature.

What Materials Are Necessary for DIY Wall Décor?

You'll need to acquire some resources before starting your trip to make some beautiful DIY wall décor. Depending on the type of project you want to build for your walls, you'll need different materials.

•    Rustic-finished wood; 
•    Metal knobs and coat hooks; 
•    White paint
•    False ivy
•    Wooden picture frames
•    Wire mesh
•    Clothespins
•    Wooden crates
•    One or two wagon wheels
•    Painting with chalk

How to Decorate a Large Wall with DIY Wall Art?

A huge wall might be challenging to decorate. You don't want to go overboard by adding too many things, but you also don't want to use one little DIY décor concept for the living room and let the space suffocate it.

1.    Curate A Gallery Wall 

The walls can be decorated with wall hangings, other keepsakes, or a gallery of paintings or photos. Choose frameworks that are brief and clear or offer a variety of complex possibilities to get people talking. When a gallery wall is extended to the ceiling, the room appears to be much larger than it actually is and adds style and color to the area unlike anything else can.

2.    Hang Shelves

Shelves give you space to exhibit goods that can't be put on the wall while also covering a wide wall you don't want to leave empty. Just make sure the wood you choose for the shelves blends in with the other decorations that are already in the living area, or get some paint to match.

3.    Try Beaded Art Wall 

These days, beaded wall art is a preferred type of wall decor. It is simple to apply and provides your walls with a distinctive appearance. Beaded wall art comes in a variety of styles. Tribal-style beading, which incorporates complex patterns weaved into tiny beads, serves as one illustration of this. 

Large beads that may take on a variety of forms and colors are used to create abstract designs. Beaded wall art can be used for a variety of things, from providing a decorative touch to spicing up a blank space. For instance, you may use beaded wall hangings, tapestries with beadwork, or beaded wall sculptures to surround mirrors and photographs.

4.    Hang an Oversize Wall Calendar

Why not try out some new wall decor if you're starting to grow a little bored with the way your walls now look? You might alternatively affix a sizable wall calendar. This can not only change the decor of your room, but it can also be a fun way to track your progress and stay on schedule. 

5.    A DIY Photo Collage

Try a rainbow photo collage to give your walls a deliberate flash of color if you've been seeking a reason to print off some of those adorable Instagram photos.

6.    Frame Gingko Branches 

Although it appears to be entirely store-bought, art is quite simple to make at home. These lovely paper ginkgo leaves will be made using the technique, although spray-painted fake stems might also work.


Use a vibrant and dramatic paint color to paint an accent wall, or use wallpaper, stenciling, or other artistic painting techniques to establish a pattern. These ornamental touches may make a significant effect on a tiny room. Try out any idea from the given list that can give your house a fresh and new look.

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