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Cartoon Theme Room Ideas For Kids 2022

Whether you're dealing with a passionate seven-year-old football enthusiast or a pre-teen princess infatuated with things glam, decorating your child's room always poses a special challenge. The trick is to infuse the decor with a youthful, fresh vitality while yet paying attention to the important functional details. Use these decorating ideas for kids' rooms to make a lovely, useful retreat where your child will enjoy spending time.

Exciting Cartoonic Room Ideas For Kids

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Many boys love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so you should use them in your small boy's bedroom. You can choose a simple or dynamic background, depending on your preferences. All TMNT fans will be familiar with the city skyline silhouette graphics that make up a simple style wallpaper. 

A different wallpaper design that features the four main characters can liven up the space and exude an action-packed mood. The TMNT room theme can be finished with the addition of bedsheets, cushions, posters, and rugs, or for a more subdued appearance, just pair the wallpaper with green, black, and earthy tones.

Beautiful Disney Princesses Wall

This lovely and feminine Disney princess sticker is a certain way to make your girl's bedroom cheery. They are the height of beauty and are beloved by most girls.
Fantastic Iron Man wall sticker design.

The fact that this Ironman sticker is 3D and appears to be able to reach you makes it cool. Because of his capacity to design and describe his robots, Ironman is a highly cool character that guys like. Really impressive talent.

Jungle And Animal-Inspired Wall Décor 

Do you have a young child who enjoys animals? By adorning the room with wall decor inspired by the jungle or different animals, you may encourage your children to embrace and express their enthusiasm for animals. Parents looking for wall décor ideas for kids' rooms frequently choose patterns with jungle safari, cartoon animals, swinging monkeys, gorgeous giraffes, and powerful dinosaurs. 

Young children benefit most from animal and jungle-themed decor, which also teaches youngsters a little bit about the world's natural beauties.

Rainbows And Unicorns Wall Art

Kids enjoy creating their dream worlds, which is why wall art with unicorn and rainbow themes appeals to them. The whole house is made happy just by seeing your children start their days with a sunny smile surrounded by adorable, bold colors. 

Additionally, it's a fantastic way to spice up bedtime stories. We recommend unicorns on pink walls if you're looking for kids' room ideas that combine playfulness, fantasy, and dreaminess in equal measure.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid, a beloved classic Walt Disney animated film from the 1980s, is certain to evoke the warmest nostalgic feelings. The wallpaper design can be displayed in various combinations with this kids' décor theme, which can be utilized in nurseries, bedrooms, playrooms, etc. 

Any movie scene can be utilized as wallpaper, or you can use different movie characters to make a pattern on the wallpaper. Decor with mermaid themes can enhance the ethereal appearance. In any event, the endearing Flounder and Sebastian can make any kids' room into a wonderful place.


The Aladdin animated film theme can transform kids' rooms into an enchanted realm where they can have fun and enjoy themselves. The film is a classic that many kids like, and the motif would look fantastic when mixed with Moroccan or Arabic-inspired furnishings. Different color combinations, like blue, beige, and brown tones, can create a wonderful classic atmosphere.

The Aladdin theme would certainly work if you're searching for a way to give your child's room a traditional feel while also making it entertaining and playful. The kids' rooms are no longer dreary and uninteresting!


When choosing a theme for your child's room, take into account three factors: price, durability, and ease of changing. As the youngster grows, children frequently have ideas for their rooms when it comes to design.

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