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Biossance Skincare Product Guide: How to Apply in Layers

Layering skincare products is about the right ways of applying them to your skin. It helps to make the most of every product while boosting its longevity and quality. According to experts, improper application of any product can adversely affect your skin. Hence, it is better to follow a proper skincare guide and let the results live up to your expectations.

While Biossance is the best skincare brand out there, it can be considered an accurate example. Thus, we have shared a Biossance skincare product layering guide to help you follow a beauty regimen.

To keep things simple, we have shared two separate guides for morning and night. Give these a look and layer your skin twice every day.

Biossance Morning Guide

Have you ever used the Biossance promo code while shopping online? The brand gives a stunning Biossance discount on its skincare sets. These comprise a few skincare essentials.

To layer this properly early morning, follow these six simple steps.

Step 01: Start With Toner

Cleansing is the foremost step for maintaining your skin. However, to avoid combating lukewarm water early morning, people often skip this step. Interestingly, you can now use the Toning Mist from Biossance. It serves as a high-quality hyaluronic spray to hydrate your skin.

Always remember, the accurate method of layering skin products is by applying from the thinnest to the thickest. It is because liquid solutions absorb deeply into the skin.

Nevertheless, the oily ones have thicker molecules and form a strong layer on the skin.

Step 02: Treat Your Eyes

The eyes are extremely sensitive when it comes to treatment and care. The Biossance skincare kit comprises two eye gels. While both are applicable for day and night layering, experts recommend The Peptide Eye Gel in the morning.  Its peptide-rich and weightless formula eliminates dark circles and keeps you from puffy eyes.

Moving on, the other eye solution, namely, the Marine Algae Eye Cream, is ideal for hydration. It can be applied over the eye gel for taking extra care of your eyes. However, for standard use, the first one is enough to protect your eyes.

Step 03: Treat Your Skin

Soon after treating your eyes, you must treat your skin. To do so, the Biossance skincare kit offers two serums. These will quicken the outstanding results of layering products on your skin.

The pair consists of a Dark Spot Serum that can help remove dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It is made of white shiitake mushrooms and a blend of vitamin C. These work together to provide your skin with a visible whitening glow.

Furthermore, the brand has been working on an alternative for the plant-based retinol known as Bakuchiol. It is the basic ingredient in the second serum – the Phyto-Retinol Serum.  Using it early morning can help you attain all benefits of retinol with no adverse effects. By applying these serums, one can combat the harsh effects of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

Step 04: Moisturize Your Skin

At this step, you are advised to top your skin where the Biossance Moisturizer. It helps to create an ideal foundation for applying makeup and keeping your skin hydrated. This moisturizer is packed with a probiotic formula that quickly reduces redness on your skin. Also, it boosts soothing and keeps your skin fresh throughout the day.

Most often, a moisturizer may seem expensive in the kit when buying online. Therefore, you can always wait for this brand’s Deal of the Day and save big on your purchase.

Step 05: Apply Facial Oils

As mentioned above, oils are the last to apply in a layering routine. According to the Biossance skincare product guide, the right oil can easily lock every product within your skin. The brand is popular for its Vitamin C-Rich Rose Oil. It helps to give your skin the perfect glow early morning and keep it hydrated easily.

For more, you can mix a drop of this rose oil with your foundation. It will enhance the sparkling results of your makeup.

Step 06: Finalize With a Sunscreen

Keep in mind, that sunscreen adds the final touch to your skincare layering routine. Just before putting your makeup on, use sunscreen to create the final layer. The Biossance Sheer Mineral Sunscreen is a flawless solution to prevent harmful UV rays from damaging the skin.

Its richness in minerals and zinc makes a statement in terms of performance and quality. Also, it consists of SPF 30 due to which the sunscreen quickly blends into the skin, leaving no white traces.

Biossance Night Guide

Layering your skin with the right products early morning is not enough. You require proper layering at nighttime too. It will remove all the dust and particles that affected your skin throughout the day.

Interestingly, the Biossance night layering guide also involves six steps. Continue reading to know its details.

Step 01: Cleanse Your Skin

Biossance Cleansing Oil makes sure that your skin breathes properly. It quickly removes all the debris and dirt from your skin while eliminating even the last makeup particles. The squalene formula in this product moisturizes your skin. Moreover, the presence of antioxidants helps to kill the harsh effects of everyday stressors.

Step 02: Apply a Toner

This toning mist from your morning routine serves its purpose at night too. Its weightless formula keeps your skin hydrated overnight.

Step 03: Treat Your Eyes

Unlike morning layering, this step involves a single eye cream. You can easily treat your eyes at night using the Marine Algae Eye Cream. Besides offering deep hydration, it soothes yours under the eye area. Experts use it to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, and similar symptoms of aging.

By applying it at night, you can always enjoy a fresh and lifted look when you wake up.

Step 04: Treat Your Skin

For an overnight treatment, apply a layer of the Biossance Night Serum. It is an extremely soothing solution for your skin, filled with lactic acid. You can use it to gently exfoliate your skin while taking a nap. It works on dull skin and transforms it completely with a boosting glow.

By applying it before sleep, you can quickly enhance the smooth texture of your skin.

Step 05: Apply a Moisturizer

The Biossance skincare kit holds an Omega Repair Cream for layering at night. You can use it to nourish and restore your skin during sleep. It is rich in lipids and ceramide that combine to provide hydration.

As a result, your skin looks healthy and well moisturized. Also, it helps to give a refreshing feel throughout the day.

Step 06: Finalize With Oil

The Biossance shopping and saving guide makes a statement with its vitamin C Rose Oil. Always finalize your skincare layering routine with it to enhance the results. Its protective layer locks nourishment within your skin to boost brightness and firmness.

Also, it keeps you hydrated all night and helps your skin breathe.

Final Words

Biossance has the best skincare products on the market. It is popular for its morning and nighttime layering. You can invest in its skincare kit to get started.

Remember, it has Squalene as the main ingredient in every product. It is a naturally occurring element in the human body. Hence, the skin absorbs it right away and shows quick results.

By sticking to these layering routines, you can maintain your skin easily.

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