Best Wrapping Paper of 2022

Wrapping gifts is a tradition that dates back centuries. In those times, most people didn't have the money or resources to buy nice packages for their gifts. Today, we can use our creativity and budget to get some great wrapping paper without breaking the bank. 

Top Six Best Wrapping Paper

Here are our picks for six different types of wrapping papers that will make your presents look truly festive:

1. Best Overall: Hallmark Reversible Christmas Wrapping Paper Bundle

Hallmark is a well-known brand that you can trust, and this set of wrapping paper is no exception. It’s also reasonably priced, making it a great option if you want to add some holiday cheer to your gift-giving without breaking the bank. It comes with two rolls of festive designs on each side, so you can use either side as the outside layer of your gifts.

Plus, since we just assume everyone loves Christmas decorations during December (and all winter long), this set will be right at home in any home or office until spring arrives!

2. Best on a Budget: Spritz Winter Friends Wrapping Paper Bundle

The Spritz Winter Friends Wrapping Paper Bundle is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to give their gifts the extra special touch but doesn't want to break the bank doing so. It comes in three different designs, each of which can be used at any time of year and for any type of gift. The paper itself is made from high-quality materials, which means that it won't tear or rip easily even as you take your time carefully wrapping your present. And while it's a great gift to give yourself (or someone else), we think that this set would make an excellent stocking stuffer during the holidays!

3. Best Assortment: Santa Christmas Wrapping Paper Set

This set of 10 different wrapping papers is great for all ages and occasions. It features a range of designs that are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, and more. The bright colors provide a pop to any gift and make the occasion stand out even more. This assortment also makes it easy to find the right paper because there are so many choices!

The price point is another huge plus: at $17 this set provides great value for money as well as being easy to store. Each roll measures 18 inches wide x 15 feet long giving you plenty of lengths when you need it most!

4. Most Christmas-y: North Pole Santa Belt Gift Wrap Roll

If you’re looking to wrap gifts in Christmas paper but don’t want to go with the typical red and green colors—then look no further than North Pole Santa Belt Gift Wrap Roll. The paper has a vintage look and feel, but it is still modern enough for today's consumers. In addition, this wrapping paper is available in a variety of sizes, including 24", 36", and 48".

This wrapping paper is reusable as well! The material is made from 100% polyester so that it can be used over and over again. It also makes great gift wrap because it can be easily folded into a festive bag or box shape without having to worry about getting rips or tears on your presents when they are being opened by recipients.

5. Best for the Kids: JOYIN 108 sq ft Giant Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper

If you’re shopping for the kids, you want to make sure that their wrapping paper is durable and reusable. Joyin 108 sq ft Giant Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper is made of a durable material that can be reused year after year. The large size makes it easy to wrap multiple gifts, so your child can wrap their gifts as well as help out around the house.

With its easy-to-use design, this wrapping paper allows children to spend more time enjoying the holidays instead of stressing over mistakes or ripping their gift wrapper in half!

6. Best Customizable: Minted Custom Gift Wrap

Minted Custom Gift Wrap is a great option for those who want their gift wrap to be unique and personal. Their selection of designs is very wide, allowing you to find one that fits your style and taste. You can choose from a variety of wrapping paper patterns, ribbons, and bows, or even add a personalized message to the gift wrap itself! 

Importance Of Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is not just for wrapping gifts. It can make a huge difference to the way you gift someone, and it makes the person receiving your gift feel special. They will appreciate that you went out of your way to find something that was special for them. The gift itself might be great, but if you wrap it in boring brown paper and tape, then it won't look good at all! However, if you wrap it in beautiful wrapping paper with bows and ribbons, and personal touches, then even the simplest gift can look amazing!

The best part about using wrapping paper when gifting to friends or family members is that it can be reused again and again. You don't need to buy new tissue each time; instead of throwing away all those empty boxes after Christmas has passed, keep them just so that next year's festive season will be even more beautiful than before! This also means there's less waste involved with giving out presents, which is better for everyone involved - especially our planet Earth!


If you’re looking to give someone a gift that you know they will love, it’s important to have the right wrapping paper. You don’t want something cheap and flimsy that will tear easily or fall apart when handled. You also want something that looks good on its own so that your gift doesn’t look plain or boring when placed inside it. These six options all offer unique designs, textures, and colors, so there is something for everyone on this list, whether they are looking for simple red and green stripes or an intricate design with lots of sparkles!

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