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Best Tweezers to Grab in 2023

Hair removal on the face or anyplace else on the body is and should be completely optional. However, when it comes to the greatest facial hair removal instruments, the simple tweezer still reigns supreme.

Yes, there are several hair removal solutions available nowadays, but tweezers remain our old standby since they're less daunting than waxing, and they're far more accurate than other hair-removal methods. Tweezing, unlike wax or other methods of hair removers, does not require chemicals or heating, giving it an advantage over the competition.

In this article, we will explain the best tweezers for 2023.

5 Best Tweezers For Buying 

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills is the long-reigning queen of brows, so it should come as no surprise that the company produces the greatest puckers of all time. How do they distinguish themselves from the competition? How many ways can we count? In only one try, our tester was able to grab and pull out even the smallest hairs. Not only that, but it wasn't painful at all.

Sharp, angled tips, regulated tension, and an easy-to-grip base combine to create a simplified plucking experience. We love the sleek and stylish yet durable design, which is made in Italy from high-quality stainless steel with the brand's characteristic matte black finish.

Slant Tweezers for Mac

We preserved the zip-lock pouch in which these elegant black metal tweezers came for storage and usage. They feature a smooth surface, a silver-slanted tip, and a protective cover that can be removed. The slanted edge may capture light hairs, but these tweezers excel at removing larger hairs from the root without snapping. The gratifying grip and grab motion tugged hairs cleanly on the first try, making quick work of plucking our tester's overgrown brows.

Rubis Tweezers with a Point

These stainless-steel tweezers appear and feel sturdy, tough, and long-lasting. This reusable case arrived in a compact zip-lock pocket and was useful for keeping them clean in our make-up magazine. The tweezers are small and comfortable to use. When it came to finer hairs beneath our brows, these tweezers truly shone, deftly taking out small strands with little pull. We had to be cautious because the tip is quite sharp, occasionally penetrating through the supplied protective cover.

Tweezer & Brush by Benefit

What We Dislike: They aren't the most exact because they pluck many hairs at once. These benefit tweezers are a terrific one-stop shop for all things' brow grooming.

They contain slanted-tip pincers on one end and a little brush on the other, allowing you to shape and style your brows with only one tool. Brush your brows upward before plucking to check where you need to tweezer, and then again after to position your brows.

One disadvantage is that these tweezers aren't particularly good at grasping individual hairs, preferring to remove many hairs at once - making them ideal for plucking a wide region of hair, such as in between brows.

Coco's Brow Tweezers

A good pair of tweezers does not have to be expensive, and the Cocos Eyebrow Tweezer will save you money and time. This tweezer is available in a variety of bright colors and has a wide finger grip that makes it simple to use without slipping.

Our tester praised the design's durability while being lightweight, saying, "I could see how this may minimize finger discomfort during prolonged tweezing sessions."

With a flawless score on every test, this tweezer holds and removes hair fast and painlessly – albeit the end is sharp, so be careful while plucking. We think this sleek tweezer is an excellent pair to add to your grooming arsenal because it's both effective and cheap.

Considerations Before Purchasing Tweezers

Tweezers Grip

Tweezers' grip determines how effectively they capture each hair and how hard you have to hold them when using them. You'll need tweezers with a firm grip to avoid hand pains and errant hairs. Extra points if you can find one with a finger-sized grip for extra grip.

Tip Form

Tweezers offer different tip shapes to aid with different tasks. For example, if you're working on the delicate underside of your brow bone, a flatter tip may be preferable to avoid any pokes, but a pointy or angled pair may be preferable for short hairs in the region between your brows.


Tweezers, although being a little beauty tool, may be sharp, and if you tend to rush through your brow regimen, you may want to select a duller variety to avoid any injury.

However, plucking hairs with sharper tweezers will be easier if you move slowly and accurately.

Tweezers Testing Procedure

We gave four testers 18 of the best tweezers and told them to go to town on their brows. Each tweezer was evaluated based on its design, ease of use, grip, tension, and performance.

They began with freshly washed skin and plucked many stray hairs in various places around the brow (under, above, and in between) to test how the tweezers operated.

They paid close attention to how difficult or easy it was to squeeze the tweezers while using them, as well as whether the grip felt tight and robust in their hands and on the hairs plucked. They also investigated whether the tweezers functioned better with thicker or thinner hair, and if the sharp tip caused any pain during plucking.


Are Revlon tweezers of decent quality?

One thing I can say about Revlon is that the majority of their tweezers are excellent and perform the job well. If you're looking for a nice set of tweezers, I'd recommend Revlon. The one drawback is that some of their tweezers can be costly.

Do Tweezer man tweezers become dull over time?

If you bought a set of tweezers that have become dull, you may get them re-sharpened.


Tweezer man used to be the unequaled manufacturer of tweezers. While Tweezer man tweezers are sufficient, they are no longer a real reflection of what a top-grade tweezer should be. Despite producing a wide variety of styles, the quality of each tweezer varied substantially.

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