Best Outdoor Games For Kids In Autumn

Depending on where you live, there may still be warm, sunny days throughout the season, but October provides crisp, fresh air that's ideal for outdoor activities. Because of the colder weather and the beauty of the changing leaves, so many people like this season. It's the ideal time of year to drag the kids away from the television and outside to play some enjoyable fall games. Here are some fantastic game recommendations that they will love.

Top Outdoor Games For Kids In Autumn

1.    Treats In The Haystack

If there are any smaller kids nearby who would like to play, this is undoubtedly an enjoyable game. Find some containers first, such as wheelbarrows, buckets, baby pools, or anything else you may think of. Take a bale of hay and fill each with a portion of it. 

Add some "treasures" that the youngsters can find along with the hay. Anything from tiny wrapped candies to adorable little toys, which you can probably find at your neighborhood dollar store, could be included. Give each youngster a small bag so they can store their collection of items.

2.    Jump In A Leaf Pile

For kids, jumping in a leaf pile is the most enjoyable and iconic outdoor fall activity there is. Rake a pile of leaves into a secure area for your small children. Remove any long/sharp twigs, sticks, or branches, and check that the ground beneath is primarily soft (grass, not concrete). 

Give your older children the rake and instruct them to create their piles if they are old enough. Rake the heaps into shapes (a number that corresponds to their age that year) for added enjoyment, then take a shot of the children next to the pile from above as a memento.

3.    Hunt For Toadstool 

When I was younger, the Brownie Guide Handbook used to feature a red and white toadstool, and I've always wanted to find one. It took me some time, but after a few strolls through the woods, I discovered one! 

They go by the name Fly Agaric, or Amanita muscaria, and are active from the end of summer until the beginning of winter. They are frequently discovered under birch, pine, and spruce trees; we discovered ours in Ashdown Forest, one of our favorite places to hike in the woods near South East London.

4.    Apple Picking

One of our family's favorite fall activities for kids is picking apples at our neighborhood orchard! We consume almost as many apples as we pick because my kids are such avid apple fans! There are so many various apple kinds available; therefore, before planning your vacation, consider what will be best for your needs at the time. 

Making homemade applesauce is one of our favorite apple uses. It's quite simple to make and, if canned, keeps us fed for months. We also enjoy sending tons of apples to school with the kids as snacks and giving apples as gifts.

5.    Make A Rainbow Of Leaves 

While locating a rainbow of autumn leaves is a fascinating nature hobby for youngsters, you might struggle with blue or indigo. 
It is a wonderful autumn nature activity for young children to learn their colors! Try it after a leaf-finding autumn scavenger hunt! Kids can enjoy this autumnal outdoor activity.

6.    Make A Den

Here are a ton of kid-led activities that kids may enjoy this fall. A wonderful autumn outdoor activity for kids is building a den. Making a den may be a fun outdoor autumn activity for toddlers or older kids, and outside play is ideal for autumn. 

Why not try turning it into a contest between the kids? Who can build their teddies or other toys the best den? To keep older kids playing in the woods this fall, you might choose to refer to it as a "shelter" and award points for shelters that are the most waterproof.


Due to covid-19, kids got stuck in their homes. Covid-19 is now under control, and a beautiful autumn season is on its way. Take your child to the near ground or park for sports. In this article, we’ve discussed the best outdoor game ideas for kids in autumn.

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