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Best Magazines In The US For Publishing

The circulation of a magazine measures how many copies of each issue are made available to the public, combining single-copy sales and the number of confirmed and paid subscriptions. Analysts frequently predict the demise of the publishing sector. The business of consumer magazines is one sector that has survived. Of course, that industry has seen both tremendous achievements and failures.

We ranked the publications based on their circulation in 2022 for this list. The Alliance for Audited Media (AAM), which audits magazine circulation and rate base figures, provided an official report that we compiled.

07 Best Magazine’s List for Publishing

Have you ever wondered which periodicals are the most read in the United States? Here are the 07 best magazines in the US.

1.    Costco Connection

The Costco Connection magazine, which combines news about what's new at Costco with a mix of lifestyle and small business pieces, fosters camaraderie among Costco members. Costco Connection featured a reach of 35,000,000 people and a circulation of more than 15,500,000. 

This monthly publication is sent to Costco Executive members and includes articles on travel, delectable recipes, healthy living tips, and more. On Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, the Costco Connection Newsstand Edition can be downloaded for free.

2.    AARP The Magazine

AARP The Magazine, with a staggering circulation of 22,500,000 and a readership of 36,916,000, had the magazine with the biggest circulation in 2021. The most-read publication in the country is free for AARP members. 

It examines significant life stages after 50 and offers editions for readers who are 50, 60, or 70 or older. Get a free bimonthly subscription to the most recent news that affects you!

3.    Better Homes and Gardens

31,000,000 people read Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, which had a circulation of over 7,600,000. They have a 51 million-person audience thanks to print, digital, and social media. The goal of the US-based publication Better Homes & Gardens is to assist readers in redesigning their homes and gardens.

This 12-issue women's lifestyle publication offers articles on food, home renovation, DIY projects, and lifestyle advice. Every year, Better Homes and Gardens offers suggestions for holiday entertaining and planning.

4.    Shape Magazine

More than 3,500,000 people were readers of Shape Magazine, which had a circulation of 2,500,000. They managed to reach 14.9 million people overall across all channels.

Shape inspired women to live active lifestyles, maintain healthy lifestyles, and have the happiest lives possible, even though this magazine has discontinued publication.

Meredith acquired in November 2014. The business bought Selectable Media in January 2015. Meredith purchased Shape, Natural Health, and Fit Pregnancy from American Media Inc. in January 2015.

5.    Parents Magazine 

There were more than 2.2 million subscribers to Parents Magazine. They reached over 26 million people across various media and had 6.6 million readers. The best resource for parents, as its name suggests, was Parents Magazine. 

Each topic offered parents dependable guidance on topics like employment, school, pets, food, etc. Parents were a monthly publication published in the United States that first appeared in 1926 and provided parents with scientific data on child development. The publication of Parents Magazine has ended.

6.    Golf Magazine

The premier and largest golf publication in the UK is Today's Golfer. By keeping you informed about golf courses by location, county, and player ratings, we will ensure that you are playing on the proper courses.

8,200,000 people read Golf Magazine, which had a circulation of more than 1,238,000. Your comprehensive guide to the game of golf is Golf Magazine. Golfers of all levels like the thorough coverage and suggestions our sports magazine offers. Each issue includes expert tips on how to improve your game, tournament updates, equipment reviews, and more!

7.    Car and Driver Magazine

More than 8,200,000 people read Car and Driver Magazine, which had a distribution of more than 1,077,000. Over 14.4 million people were reached by them via various channels. Tony Quiroga has been named editor-in-chief of Car and Driver, leading the brand's content strategy and promotion across its print and digital platforms, according to a recent announcement from Hearst Magazines.

Car and Driver Magazine is enjoyed by auto lovers of all ages. This automobile publication covers vans, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, and cars and tests new models before reporting on them. Find articles about the newest technologies, business trends, and interviews with key figures in the sector.


The advantages of reading a magazine or newspaper have been established. Along with keeping you current on world events, they also help you become an expert in your profession, refresh your language skills, and improve your writing abilities. You are aware of the most recent events taking on around the world.

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