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Best Guide on Choosing Baby Toys

Finding the right toy or gift for your kid isn’t always easy, especially when they grow up at the speed of light! With so many options, it can be hard to figure out what might be fun and educational without breaking the bank. But, with these simple tips on choosing baby toys from our team of parenting experts, you can find that perfect gift in no time!

1.    Identify Your Child’s Personality

What is your child like? Does he or she have a favorite color? Some children are more interested in touching objects than others. Knowing your child's personality will help you find appropriate toys for them. For example, a playful baby may enjoy fun toys that bounce or make noise. A bright baby might be drawn to colors, while a quiet one might enjoy soft-textured toys. It’s also important to think about how big the toy should be. If it is going in their crib or playpen, then it needs to fit there. Older babies can use smaller items such as rattles and teething rings.

2.    Select For Their Age

Choosing toys for a newborn can be tricky since so many things should be considered. However, choosing safe, appropriate, age-appropriate toys for your little one is possible by considering their preferences, abilities, and safety concerns. Several guidelines can help you in this process.

3.    Get Creative! 

●    If you have a favorite toy from childhood, try recreating that toy for your child. Kids love replicas of items they remember from their past, even if it's just an updated version. 
●    Look for an age-appropriate rating. This can sometimes be confusing because many toys are marketed with two different ratings depending on whether they were meant for older or younger children.
●    Talk to other parents in your social circle about what has worked well in their household. Just because something is popular doesn't mean it's appropriate for every family; find out which toys suit your style before you buy them. 
●    Consider talking to teachers at preschools or daycares your child attends; many schools offer discounts on educational games and toys when they know the kids will get plenty of use out of them during class time and at home. 
●    Check around local stores near where you live--sometimes prices at smaller shops are more affordable than those found at big box retailers like Target or Walmart, especially if you're looking for high-quality handmade wooden playthings like puzzles and blocks that last much longer than typical plastic playthings. 
●    Don't forget about old standbys like books!

4.    Choose The Right Material

Picking the right material for your baby can be overwhelming, especially if you have no experience. So, start with what is safe for your child: choose a soft plush toy free of chemical dyes. And as always, stick with labels that you trust when it comes to toys because they only want what's best for your baby! When shopping for toddler toys, make sure they are age appropriate. Toddlers will love brightly colored puzzles or cars but may not enjoy more complicated games like chess or Monopoly.

5.    Think About Safety

Choosing a toy can be difficult. However, some key points will help you make an informed decision when looking for something safe. Always look for toys that do not have any small pieces that can come off or break off with normal use. If you find a toy with attachments that seem like it might pop off or snap in half, then think twice about purchasing it.


It's so hard to know what toy to buy as a gift. There are just so many options. And it seems like every baby has its own unique tastes, too. The key is looking for something your loved one will love, whether they're a biter or not. As long as you find something that fits their needs, any type of toy can be a joyous present for that precious little one in your life!

Beth Norris

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