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Best Foundation Hacks To Last All Day

Anyone who regularly applies makeup is aware of how challenging and time-consuming it is to get the base just right. You would be aware of the difficulties in obtaining the ideal basis, particularly if you are a novice or amateur. 

You want your makeup to last all day, or at least for the occasion, you are wearing it for, after spending an hour applying foundation, concealer, and contouring products. Nothing is more inconvenient and unpleasant than having your makeup run off your face. To establish the ideal base and extend the wear of your makeup.

How To Keep Your Foundation Last Longer?

Following are some foundation hacks you must try:

1.    Clean Your Face Twice 

The best foundation advice in the world may be this one! Make sure to double-cleanse your skin before applying foundation to help it stay all day. The most important part of a proper deep cleanse is that it will also remove any excess sebum that can cause your foundation to wear off more quickly throughout the day. 

Excess sebum can clog pores and encourage breakouts. Simply wash your face with a mild face wash, then use micellar water to completely prepare your skin for makeup.

2.    Choose An Oil-Free Moisturizer 

Your skin will be adequately prepared for the foundation by creating a smooth, hydrated base with the help of a decent, lightweight moisturizer. If your makeup tends to slide off, an oil-free moisturizer is preferable, since less oil means less slickness. 

Additionally, it will stop those nasty, dry patches if you have dry skin, which can undermine your entire attempt to get a flawless finish. I advise choosing a lightweight sunscreen product that won't make your face oily and sticky, since a decent sunscreen should be applied after your moisturizer.

3.    Layer Your Cream Or Liquid-Based Products With A Matching Powder

Finding lightweight powders that match the color of your liquid foundation and cream blushes can help your complexion products persist throughout the day, as liquids and creams have a tendency to slide off. Try "stippling" the powder over your face rather than "buffing" it onto liquids and creams in tiny circles. 

By locking in your complexion products with this tapping technique, your liquids and creams won't budge during the day and won't slide off your face. Keep a small amount of powder on hand to dip into any places that could look glossy throughout the day.

4.    Use A Beauty Blender Or A Foundation Brush

It is recommended to use a makeup brush or a beauty blender to apply foundation for flawless coverage that lasts all day. Using brushes will help you apply foundation evenly and prevent streaks; synthetic brushes are preferable for this.

5.    Set It And Forget It

Seal your makeup masterpiece with a thin layer of setting powder or setting spray after you've finished applying it. Use a pigmented loose or packed powder for a little more coverage. Alternately, use a transparent setting powder to keep everything in place for a flawless finish while adding a matte (but not flat) look.

6.    Mix A Primer With A Matte Liquid Lipstick To Make A Cream Blush

This is the most effective method for making a cream blush last all day. Cream blushes frequently smudge throughout the day, but when you make your blush with liquid lipstick and primer, it will always stay put. 

To get the ideal tint, simply combine a little bit of liquid lipstick and primer in equal amounts. To make the color stand out or to make the color less intense, use more liquid lipstick or primer.


It may be very unpleasant to spend time applying a full face of makeup only to have it melt off or disappear throughout the day. Ideally, you gained some knowledge on how to make Your makeup long-lasting. Your innate beauty never fades, regardless of what happens to your makeup. Maintaining your skincare regimen will keep you looking beautiful whether your makeup decides to stay.

Beth Norris

Beth Norris has years of experience working with top cosmetic and skincare brands for years  which reflects in her blogs which are packed with beauty and skincare tips. She has amassed a big following over the years, who wait for her content anxiously.