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Best Dog Brushes And Grooming Gloves For A Healthy Coat

If you're like most dog owners, your pup is a part of the family. And when it comes to keeping them healthy and beautiful, you want only the best grooming tools. That's why we've put together this list of our favorite brushes and gloves for dogs. From shedding to brushing out mats and tangles, these grooming tools will help your puppy stay healthy and happy — just like they do in our own homes!

Top Dog Brushes And Grooming Gloves

1.    Best Overall: Hertzko Slicker Brush

The Hertzko Slicker Brush is our top pick for the best dog brush. This grooming tool is excellent for removing loose hair and dirt, helping to reduce shedding, and making your pet's coat look shinier and healthier.

The Hertzko Slicker Brush has a unique design that allows you to remove undercoats, dead hair, and debris from your dog's coat without damaging the skin or causing pain.

The short-toothed pins on this brush are made of durable stainless steel that will last longer than most other materials used in similar products - but they're still gentle enough not to irritate sensitive skin!

2.    Best for Long Hair: Glendan Dog Brush

If you have a dog with long hair, the Glendan Dog Brush is a great option. The bristles are made from nylon and feel soft on your pet's skin.

This brush can be used on wet or dry fur, but it's best for removing tangles and knots in dry coats. It's also ideal for dogs with thick hair because it helps remove dead hairs from the undercoat that can build up over time if left untreated.

The unique design of this tool allows you to reach all areas of your pet's body without hurting them, while stimulating their skin as they brush through their fur (which is essential, given how much they shed).

3.    Best for Short Hair: Thunderpaws Dog Detangling Brush

If your dog has short hair, this detangling brush is perfect. The unique ergonomic design of this brush makes it easy to use while also providing flexible bristles that won't pull or tug at your pup's fur.

It's also easy to clean and comes with an extra set of replacement pads and a free eBook on caring for your dog's coat if they have long or thick coats.

4.    Best for Scent Hounds: Magic Pro Pet Deshedding Tool

If your dog is a scent hound, this brush is the best choice for you. The Magic Pro Pet Deshedding Tool has a patented design that can remove loose hair and dander without damaging the coat. It also works well on breeds with thick furs, such as Siberian huskies and Malinois.

If you have an energetic pup with short hair that frequently sheds (like a labrador), this tool is also right up its alley. It's designed to get out those pesky mats in their coat--and it won't hurt them while doing so!

If your puppy has sensitive skin or molting fur, this grooming glove will make life easier for both of you by reducing friction during brushing sessions.

5.    Best Molting Brush: Poodle Pet Deshedding Tool

If your dog has long hair, you'll want a brush that can get through without pulling. The Poodle Pet Deshedding Tool is designed for dogs with long hair and will help remove loose hair from the undercoat. It's also great for dogs with sensitive skin because it uses stainless steel pins instead of plastic or metal teeth.

The handle has a rubber grip, so you can hold onto it when using this tool on your pup while shedding their winter coat (or any other time). The Poodle Pet Deshedding Tool comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee--if there are any issues with manufacturing or materials, they will replace your product free of charge!

6.    Best Budget Buy: Le Salon Essentials Dual-Sided Pin & Bristle Dog Brush

The Le Salon Essentials Dual-Sided Pin & Bristle Dog Brush is an excellent choice for anyone looking to save money while still getting good quality. This brush is made from 100% natural boar bristles, which are gentle enough for everyday use and can help remove dead undercoat fur without damaging your pet's skin. It also has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to grip and control, even if you have small hands or arthritis in your fingers.

The only drawback with this brush is its size: at 7 inches long by 4 inches wide (including the handle), it may be too big for some people's preferences--but if you want something that'll cover a lot of ground quickly when grooming your dog, this might be just right!

7.    Best for Sensitive Skin: Safari Soft Touch De-shedding Tool

If you have a dog with sensitive skin and want to keep them comfortable, then this brush is for you. The Safari Soft Touch De-Shedding Tool is excellent for dogs with allergies or who are sensitive to brushing. Its unique design gently removes loose hair from your dog's coat without causing irritation or discomfort. It's also easy to clean and available in three sizes: small (for short-haired dogs), medium (for medium-length fur), and large (for long-haired breeds).

The best part? The price tag is low enough that even if it doesn't work out well for your pup right away, it won't break the bank either!


You can keep your dog healthy and happy with proper grooming. Brushing your dog's coat is essential for keeping it clean and healthy and removing loose hair and dead skin cells, which can cause allergies and other problems. Brushing also helps to distribute natural oils around the dog's body to help prevent dryness or flaking of their fur--and that means less shedding!

This list has helped you find the right grooming tool to keep your dog's coat healthy and shiny. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below!

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