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7 Best Toy For Toddlers In 2022

The greatest toddler toys give your child the opportunity to develop new abilities while having fun. However, even though the majority of toddler milestones are reasonably predictable, it can be challenging to pick toddler toys and activities that promote new skills at the ideal time.

Top 7 Toys For Toddlers In 2022

1.    Fun With Friends Kitchen

Pretend kitchens are popular among children, and it's understandable why they're plain entertaining. They get to act like adults, they have lots of nice accouterments, and occasionally these accessories make noise or light up. 

A faux burner with lights and sounds, a single-serve coffee machine with a travel mug, and a variety of other equipment, such as a microwave and fridge, are all included in Step2's kitchen. 

2.    Play-Doh Starter Set

Whether you love it or detest it, Play-Doh lets kids use their hands and fingers to explore. This set includes four different shades of Play-Doh as well as a variety of accessories to keep your kid busy. They will like rolling out the dough, cutting it with plastic scissors, and creating new things using molds of various shapes. To keep the enjoyment contained when it's not in use, each piece comes with its case.

3.    Innu Pad Educational Tablet Toy 

The Innu Pad is a wonderful fun gadget that you may use a lot. Themed sheets that your child inserts into the tablet are included with the STEM media pad. Before engaging with the lesson, kids rapidly learn to place the sheet in and push the star button. 

The tablet instructs children about various careers, climatic cycles, animals, and more. Additionally, it is small enough to put into a backpack for entertainment when traveling or for on-the-go enjoyment.

4.    Fat Brain Toys Shape Factory 

Traditional shape-sorting toys are always entertaining, but once children grasp how they operate, they might rapidly outgrow them. This Fat Brain shape sorter is a little different. By twisting the top and altering the forms of the slots with the button, your youngster will be forced to work a little harder to make the objects fit. The contours and chunkiness of the forms make them simple for small hands to grasp.

5.    Buckle Toy Blu Whale Learning Activity Toy

For any parent, traveling with a young child can be stressful. A 15-month-old child won't be sustained by a screen for very long, and it is impractical to transport all of their favorite toys in the car or on an airline. 

Little hands will be occupied and fascinated as they attempt to open and shut the buckles in a variety of clasp types with "Blu," the adorable Buckle Toy whale. On the go, they will practice their fine motor, cognitive, and problem-solving skills as a benefit. 

6.    A Book of First Words

Toddlers are still developing their vocabulary at 18 months, and this electronic book contains more than 100 new words for them to hear and memories. It is interactive with touch-activated pages and includes various pages of categories such as colors, opposites, animals, food, mealtime, pets, and more. 

7.    Sago Mini Easy Clean Bath Squirters & Floaties

Replace the standard rubber duck with something far nicer for your child's bath time. Four charming buddies and their float toys, which are small and simple enough for little hands to handle and squeeze, are included in the Sago Mini Bath Squirters and Floaties box. All four toys have removable tops, making them simple to clean and mold-free. They are also devoid of phthalates and BPA.


Dolls and play kitchens are certain to be popular toys for creative thinking. Crayons and paint can be used by infants when they are younger. However, children's creativity will start to emerge at the age of 18 months. There are many more to go. Choose what your kid likes.

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