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7 Best Rugs For Pet Owners

We've got some good news if you're split between your love of pets and your love of colorful rugs. You can have both! Contrary to popular belief, a utility need not be sacrificed for aesthetic appeal. Before we get started, there are three things you should bear in mind as you search for the ideal pet-friendly rug for your home. 

For the rug to remain in good condition even after Fido's muddy paws have touched it, you must first pick one that is sturdy and simple to clean. Second, it must have a low pile so that your energetic pets' claws and teeth won't cause too much harm. Third, it should be reasonably priced because anything can go wrong.

Perfect Rugs For Pet Owners

1.    Adler Jonathan Inkdrop Rug in Black and Ivory

This geometric runner is not only water-resistant, stain-resistant, and machine washable, but it also has a distinctive pattern that resembles ink lines. According to McNeil, it "adds a cool and trendy flair to the conventional runner." The nicest thing is that you can immediately wash your pet's messes in the washing machine. To get the rug clean again, just remove it off the pad and put it in a laundry load.

2.    Annie Selke Samson Navy Indoor/Outdoor Rug 

If you choose an indoor/outdoor rug by Annie Selke, Coren claims the process will be simple, whether you need to shake out a rug coated in fur or spray it down with water. The handmade navy and white striped items were motivated by the designer's vintage collection. 

It is also highly versatile and may be used inside or outside your home because it is lightweight, low profile, and reversible.

3.    Synthetic Rugs

When there is a pet in the house, rugs made of nylon, polypropylene, and other synthetic fabrics are a need due to their durability and washing simplicity. These materials tend to be very non-absorbent. This means they don't stain readily, and they often have a low pile, so your curious dog won't be able to easily eat or scratch at them. 

4.    Jute Rugs

Jute is a naturally dried plant fiber that is frequently used to make burlap. It makes a stunning, organic rug that goes with any decor style. These rugs are both very long-lasting and relatively simple to maintain. 

They're a wonderful solution for a fur-filled home because a gentle vacuum easily removes dust and hair from their crevices. This 100% jute hand-spun rug from West Elm has a soft texture that is pleasant to the touch on both human and animal feet.

5.    Shaded Shag with Tassels Rug

Normally, people enjoy patterns, but the mixed rug is exactly what many people desired for comfortable comfort! The lovely tones conceal any wear, and there is variance. Even if you have any pets and children, this type of rug can last longer. 

6.    Serena and Lily, "Indio" Rug

If you have pets, polyester is an excellent rug material. This alternative from Serena & Lily is recommended by Coren because spills (or accidents) may be quickly cleaned up by blotting them away. The handwoven item has softly fringed edges and soft borders, making it a contemporary essential you'll cherish for years to come.

7.    Martha Stewart Natural Area Rug

Choose this carpet from Martha's collection. She has owned pets for a long time and created this polyester flooring with longevity in mind. Because of its medium pile, it may be worn evenly and is comfortable underfoot. To give even more comfort and minimize slippage, customers should look for a complementary rug pad underneath.


The pet owner must choose the rug with great care and keep their pet in mind. So, to make it easy for you, we’ve listed the top 7 pet-friendly and children-friendly rugs. That can make your house beautiful, and you don’t need to worry about your dog’s scratches. 

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