5 Little-Known Ways To Use Your PC Like A Pro

The power of your personal computer does not end when you close down all your applications and shut down your PC. Did you know there are several little-known ways to use your PC to save time and increase your work productivity? It’s true – with just a few quick settings changes, you can unlock your computer's full potential, turning it into a powerful tool that helps you get more done daily. To learn how to use your PC like a pro, check out these 5 little-known ways to use your PC below!

1.    Put Two Computers Together

If you don't have the cash for an expensive laptop but need something more mobile than your desktop computer, put two computers together. Find the cheapest laptops you can find (there are usually plenty on Craigslist), open up the screens, and place them in opposite corners of your desk so that when you sit down, one is directly in front of you and the other is behind. You'll be able to use both computers with just a single set of hands! If you're using Windows 10, this is even easier. Turn off Tablet mode and pin the start screen to the side of your monitor, so it's at a comfortable viewing angle while still allowing you access to all of your programs on the other monitor.

2.    Learn How To Use Your Keyboard With Your Tablet

If you have a tablet, you can use your keyboard to type without switching devices. This will help if you're working on something and need your hands for another task or using your tablet in bed. 

To do this, plug the tablet into the USB port of the keyboard and then turn on the tablet's Bluetooth settings. You may pair them first by clicking on Settings > Bluetooth > Pair new device. Clicking the key in the top right corner of your screen will tell Windows 10 that it is an external keyboard. You'll know when the icon changes from a mouse to an external keyboard when it is successfully connected. Make sure that Caps Lock is off before typing!

3.    Learn How You Can Use Your Phone As A Calculator And PDF Reader

The latest devices in the Apple range include the iPhone XS and XS Max. These new models will allow you to view PDFs, edit spreadsheets and use them as your calculator. This is not just a basic calculator, though. It can calculate tax, account for VAT, and use different currencies.

The phone's voice recognition software also allows you to convert numbers into words, which is perfect for those who are more comfortable with spoken instructions rather than typing them out themselves.

4.    Get An External Monitor For Added Screen Space

Extend your screen space with an external monitor. If you want more room on your desktop and don't have the budget for two monitors, buy an extra display plug into your laptop or computer's USB or HDMI port. You can even buy one with its own battery, so it doesn't need to be plugged in all the time. 

5.    Check Out The Memory Card In Your Computer

Memory cards are not just for storing data on your computer anymore. Most computers come with an additional memory card slot, which you can use to install an expansion card or add more memory. You can also use the Memory Card Reader to access data on your card using another device. It's really easy! You first want to connect the memory card reader to your computer using the USB cable that came with it. Once you've done this, plug one end of the USB cable into your computer and the other into the memory card reader.


You can use your PC to improve your life in countless ways. Do some searching and see what you find—you might be surprised at how many opportunities for improvement you'll find, whether for you or others. And if nothing else, remember this: never stop exploring and learning!

Ernesto Webb

It is always your delivery style that matters most for your blogs, but strong technical know-how can prove to be quite handy. And this is exactly what Ernesto Webb is all about. His engineering background and experience put him in the front row of technology-driven blogs.